Red Saviour: The Red Invasion

Is record of Red Saviour's battle to bring Worker's Paradise to hapless Americanskiis!

A Snake In The Grass

As the CCCP fractures, Red Saviour alone bears the burden of responsibility. Or does she?

Red Saviour: The Revolution Within

The Moscow bureaucrats wanted revenge, but they got more than they bargained for.

Red Saviour

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 44

Online Name: Red Saviour II

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Energy Blast / Energy Manipulation

Battle Cry: A blow for Worker's Paradise!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Sniper Blast

Favored Defense: Hover

Hated Nemesis: Fifth Column

Natalya Shostakovich is the daughter of CCCP founder Red Saviour. As a child in Moscow, she always wanted to be a superhero. Her childhood games quickly progresses from cops and robbers to full-blown investigations of wrongdoing by neighborhood bullies. When a bully took exception to her snooping and roughed her up, she asked her father, the then-current Red Saviour, to teach her how to fight. Natalya, a strong, athletic girl, picked up the self-defense moves instantly. Her father realized she had a gift for hand-to-hand combat, and made the decision to train her to fight crime. She became the terror of the neighborhood bullies, clamping down on their schemes with zeal. She earned the nickname "Little Hawk" for the aggressive way she swooped down on her prey.

Natalya studied criminology and forensic science at the university, in addition to mastering a dozen martial arts and training her body to be the pinnacle of human perfection. She applied to the Russian Police Academy, and was accepted immediately, making her the youngest female officer ever inducted. Her years on the police force were hard on her ideals, however. The corruption and cynicism deeply contradicted her fervent belief in the purity of Communism. Discouraged, she quit her job and wandered the world for a time in a quest to know herself and her purpose in life. On these travels, she met Chinese hero The People's Blade, and, recognizing a common goal, the two became fast friends. The People's Blade taught her forgotten martial arts technique, reigniting her desire to fight for justice. On her return to Russia, there was news awaiting her.

Her father had been diagnosed with cancer. He was a strong man, and battled valiantly against the cancer as if it were his own personal nemesis. Natalya stayed by his side for a year. In long discussions learned much of the nature of the superheroic world. Red Saviour senior beat cancer, but lost the strength he needed to fight villains. Recognizing the spark of idealism in his daughter, he spoke with his fellow members at the CCCP, and they agreed that she should bear the mantle of Red Saviour for a new generation.

At last, Natalya's passion for the enforcement of the law had found an outlet that did not compromise her ideology. In fact, the purest form of Communism, with absolute equality and security for all, seemed but a spinning kick away. The CCCP was reinvigorated by this fiery new blood, and the participation of the newest Mojiotok, and the disgruntled American ex-patriot Ununtriarch. Yet political forces beyond their control had made the hardline Communists of the CCCP a liability. With perestroika came a disdain for all things traditional, and the sixty year old institution that was the CCCP lost the support of the political parties. Crippled, CCCP negotiated an exit strategy by retiring older heroes and sending their younger members as goodwill ambassadors to America and the stricken metropolis Paragon City.

Red Saviour was not prepared for what she found there in the heart of American capitalism. Crime was as institutionalized as the government. People were terrified of leaving their homes. Drugs controlled the youth. It was heartbreaking for one so committed to law and order. Capitalism was not strong enough to save its people in such a time of need. They needed two fists of justice, and a dose of Marxist rhetoric to boot. Both were things Red Saviour was prepared to provide Paragon City!

Comments: Red Saviour's life has been anything but quiet in the decadent West. An immediate media celebrity due to her fame in Russia and her supermodel looks, she found herself feted by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. The temptations of red carpet appearances on the arm of actors like George Clooney (whose shoulder she later dislocated while demonstrating a chokehold) and an offer from Victoria's Secret, were typical of the lures the West put out for her, but her devotion to Marxism saw her through.

Yet these ideological threats were not all she faced. The Fifth Column kidnapped her and subjected her to vile experiments to imbue her with mystical powers. At the same time they attempted to brainwash her into becoming an arch-villain for their twisted cause. The mental and magical techniques unhinged her mind, and she unleashed her new powers against her captors, killing many in her escape from the secret lab.

A delusional Red Saviour quit the CCCP and began to plot the assassinations of key figures in the group, including her close friend Mojiotok. She was convinced the Fifth Column had infiltrated the group. Mojiotok was able to subdue her and have her deprogrammed. Her new powers remained, however, at remarkable levels. She had become a devastating force for the struggle of the workers!

Now she enjoys a newfound romance with the Spanish Red Brigadeer Mosca, raising some eyebrows.