Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 30

Online Name: Trans-Siberian

Country of Origin: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Ice / Devices


Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Mines

Favored Defense: Ice Hold

Hated Nemesis: Capitalists, of courseā€¦

Ivan Pavelovich Tarkovsky was a dedicated hero of the revolution. After things settled, he took a wife and supervised a factory. When his son expressed interest in working the railways, Ivan never imagined it would be along the Baikal line, so far from Volgograd, where he was born.

The son, Mikhail Ivanovich, found the work hard, but not unrewarding as he toiled most of his short life along the route as an engineer. His lone child was Anton Mikhailovich, a clever and intense boy who respected his father's love of the party.

Anton grew up oblivious to the threat of the Western world, tucked away in the communities along the rail line. He relished the cold winters, never complaining about the windburn as he rode with his father. There was something different about him... as though he'd been born in ice. (Some said his love for the cold came from his mother, Irina, who was a heartless and distant woman)

When Anton came of age, he served proudly for the Motherland as a medic in the Navy. His service was fairly unremarkable, but upon returning home he discovered that his father had been killed in a railway accident. Devasted, he hid his grief and never shed a tear, hearing his father's words from many years ago: "To serve well is never a shame. To die while your serve is an honor, not a tragedy."

Anton quickly found work as a factory supervisor in Irkutsk, a place he remembered fondly from his childhood; a place he could forget about his loss. He advanced quickly and caught the eye of jealous superiors. Soon he was transferred to an experimental facility on the shores of Lake Baikal. A group there was testing radical, new technologies designed to assist in the war against the West. Here he was offered a rare opportunity to "test pilot" a wired-grid system designed to keep soldiers alive in harsh conditions (in reality, to assist their systems to adapt to a nuclear winter).

While testing the "temperate transferal technologies", Anton was stunned to find he could shape and control the actual elemental nature of the cold around him. Quietly he developed these powers. When a fire broke out at the lab, he boldly strapped on the gear and extinguished the blaze. Word travelled quickly regarding the "Iceman of Irkutsk" and the government offered him a position in the Narodnye Geroye ("Heroes of the People").

He travelled with the NG under the name "Irkutsk-Ice" but the unit was decomissioned in the 80s. Anton had collected a wide variety of technological gadgets from his days, but without steady employment, he was forced to sell nearly all of them; all but the original bracers he wore in the earliest days of his career.

Now in his golden years, he yearns for the days when the Party was strong. He has travelled to Paragon City to continue what he sees as the "Great Struggle" under the new name of "Trans-Siberian". While older, he is in top physical condition (probably in better shape than a man half his age) and has no plans of slowing down.