Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 31

Online Name: Asphalte

Country of Origin: France

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Controller

Powers: MotherLand / Radiation

Battle Cry:

Movement: Teleport

Favored Attack:

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:

At first there was land..
Land makes desert and moor, forest and marsh, and river to lake.
Then Lands make plants and animal to run on his skin..but in her deep soul, and despite everything she s was creating there was one thing which make a hole in her..
So Land make Baba Yaga to search for her the things she s need..
Baba Yaga was the Hag of the marsh, the wind in the forest, the voice who whisper when the night covers the skin of her Mother..
Baba Yaga looks for a very long time in the dephts of MotherLand, under the sun of the desert, beetween the roots of the trees, in the salt of the sea..
And one day ..Baba Yaga find the people..

They look poor and despair, eating raw meat , digging in the soil to find their nurture..
Baba Yaga find them so close to earth as the weakest children of MotherLand, and said that these creature can make Land fill with joy and life..And then The Hag give to people fire and secrets of the Land..they teach them how to craft the tools and how to give to the motherland as the motherland gives to them...
The Hag , one day, disappeared from where she was first appearing..But above all the things she gaves to teh people..she gaves the love of Motherland, and the warning that if Lands belong to them, they belongs to Land.

Asphalte is not from russian family, not a son of the "apparatchik", Asphalte first name was Hans dieter Gefunden , Gefunden as "the one founded". Found near the porch of a church, a summer night in 1970 in Berlin, a time of great social disturbance, from unknow mother and father, gather by the "Unschuldigen Kunderschams", the orphan institute, the new born found no family as the doctors of the institute found some presence of harmful toxin in his blood...Got an addict mother was not a good "entrance" for adopting family..So the young DIeter spend his childhood and teenage time into the Institure..No matter of Dickens horrible "cliché"..Dieter was happy to leave their, and even peoples find him different, the most different things which tear part from his camrades was his secret wish to not find a family as he s got some secret duty to do somewhere..

Dieter was a worried boy, with tortured and nervous sleep, a lot of nightmares populated each of his night granting him of the bad reputation of “the boy who screams at night”
Lonelyness was not a threat for the young boy..Dieter founds the things he needs deep in the book.
And reading
And reading again, learning just to fill his brain to let no space for the things that was growing in his head and which was calling him every night.
The pedopsychiatrist of the child institute was diagnosticed a kind of traumatism in the deep childhood related to his mother, to refering to the picture of the woman with iron teeth, who was central axis in his nightmares.

Nether the less life going on, with pills and treatment, Dieter abording the 2nd school cursus with brilliance.

On the right time, at the age of 20, two years after leaving the institute, with a degree in Ethnology and PaleoLinguistic. The RDA government send him to Moscow to began an ethnologic study on some obscur siberian tribe.

It was the summer on the taiga, the village was called SomKhoskaia , the end of the earth, in sino russian. Dieter and two of his camarade was taken apart by the uprising of a band of a Tribe Called Kazansk. The siberian , althought, not fully equiped with truly militarian , was very effectiv with weapon, more effectiv was the knowledge of their land.

Before renfort answer the calling for help of the nearest russian militarian post, 5 of the 8 members of the ethnologic mission was killed.

Dieter and his camarades took refuge in the subterrannean corridor which was dwelling under the village.
This subterannean was used by peasant as granary for winter times.
But it was not his first goal, the first thing saw was the painting on the wall, old painting, make with blood, ocre, and other mineral substance, the paint was quite old, something like neolithic, and the story that these draws tell about was unexplainable to anyone as it seems not to be made by human hands.
anyone but not to Dieter..

These draws awake something deep in him, something that he had always looking for..he understood the story, not as he reads it, but as he was knowing very deeply this strange female character who was paint on the rocky walls.

He knew her..oh so deeply..

The headmajor of the 3° Escadron of the People s army, never knew how to explain how all the rebel Kazansk were eliminated in the subterrenean network..Some of the rebel were find melted with the rock itself., other were found , their body tear apart like broken toy crush by some large beat..

The three survivor of SomKhoskaia were repatriated in Moscow...

Dieter refused to get back in Berlin, and wish to stay in Moscow, in spite of the offer made by the Museum of Berlin as assistant curator.

When the Head curator asked him why..the only thing he answered was because before his own interest..
At first there is Land..