The Pink Shoe Diaries

Connie Pinkaux Very special, ultra private diary, so hands off Mr Snoopy Face!

Connie Pinkaux

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 33

Online Name: Connie Pinkaux

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Fire / Energy

Battle Cry: Feel my Pom-Poms!

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Whirling hands

Favored Defense: Beating stuff down before they hurt me.

Hated Nemesis: Those grody alien thingies!

A rather strong-willed, smooth-brained, big-hearted, sheltered girl form East Texas. Her family is actually very well-to-do and lives in Founder's Falls. She's very tough and has a very kind heart. There's nothing she won't do for a friend and her loyalty knows no bounds. She also has an incredible temper which, coupled with her 8 foot tall stature and Crey Corp. energy pom-poms (see below), can be a truly emasculating experience for her opponents. She is also very resilient, which she attributes to having fallen into a cotton candy machine in Astroworld in Houston when she was a small child. She has never cried over physical pain, but her achille's heel is her emotions.

That, and the fact that banana slugs outsmart her on a regular basis.

She was a cheerleader throughout Jr. High school, High school, and college, where she graduated with a degree in Kinesilogy (gym) and so she is very athletic. During her senior year of college she attended a Crey-sponsored rave. This Crave, as the Countess called it, was a bit of a disaster, despite the ultra high-tech toys handed out to the partygoers. Let's just say that Paragon Protectors should keep well away from X*. This is where Connie got her energy Pom-Poms.

At a graduation party, she met and out-drank Boris form accounting, and she decided to join the CCCP, although she calls it Kappa Kappa Kappa Pi and has a very skewed idea of what the organization actually is.

*((Ok everyone picture someone who can shoot spines form his body taking a controlled substance that heightens physical sensation. Now picture that same person losing control of said ability. There has only been one Crave and the litigation is not over))

Comments: ((Connie is a compete and total valley girl type. She means well and has a good heart, but has the intellectual capacity of a potato beetle. She is based on a few friends I've had over the years I lived in the United States.))