Blight Child

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 28

Online Name: Blight Child

Country of Origin:

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Claws / Super Reflexes

Battle Cry: Death Awaits...

Movement: Leap

Favored Attack: Slash

Favored Defense: Agile

Hated Nemesis: The Crey

Born 18 years ago, Sergei's first memories were of a quiet hamlet in rural Louisiana. Raised by a sole father and carrier of Postal Documents, "Charlie Watts" was a typical boy with a typical southern drawl. He was raised on playing with toy guns in the community, and the neighbor girl had a crush on him. Tall, comely, and strong, he continued to grow until his high school years.

However, little did he know, that no fewer that ten people in the community (including 4 teacher's at his high school and others in the community such as the owner of the local "Mailboxes and stuff" store) were KGB sleepers hidden behind the guise of such names as "Chuck Keebler". He was surrounded and being observed, and never had a clue. His baseball coach, the closest operative aside his own father, became school-time mentor while recording his progress in "Project Gatekeeper".

...and then it happened.

One fateful day in his 16th year, Blight Child became racked with pain on his way home from school. His trailer, a dairy delivery truck, was waylaid by an American Police Officer over a broken tail light and he was lost from sight. Fleeing into a small portion of swamp by the highway, Blight Child endured a painful mutation as he bones compacted to a shorter height and became more dense. His skin turned a light shade of violet, and deadly "bone spurs" protruded from the backs of his hands. To add to his dismay he had even grown a tail. Wearing baggy clothes upon his back, he fled.

Blight Child traveled the country until finally stopping to live in the streets of Atlas park on his 17th year. It was during that time that he protected the alleys from the Hellions and Skulls as he picked their wallets to continue to be fed. It was then that, through Svarog, he was introduced to the CCCP. Taken in as a new worker for the cause, he slowly began to adapt to the communist ideal.

Recently, through a comrade aquaintance with many government and industrial contacts, Blight Child has been investigating his past. It turns out he was born "Sergei Ivanov" and was smuggled to America in his 2nd year of birth. Born in Russia, he was bred in America to be a project on mutant genome therapy, and to this day remains unclear as to whether or not he was human-born or lab-born. One thing, however, remains...and that is his search for his "scientist and mailman" father who has become missing as of recent. Other members of Project Gatekeeper have become missing and have been found in cells guarded by soldiers, deceased, or found to no longer exist.

The trail behind him slowly vanishes from existence, and Sergei continues to hunt with more vigor with each passing day.