A Christmas Tale


Who is that mysterious masked man?

Red Star

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 23

Online Name: Red-Star

Country of Origin: Mother Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Invulnerability / Super Strength.


Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Haymaker

Favored Defense: Temp Invulnerablity

Hated Nemesis: 5th Colum

*UPDATE Red-Star is currently MIA
(Red The Falling For a the full Story)

Background Story:
What can be said about Red-Star. Let him tell you his tale.

“I am a Clone of the Capitalist Hero The Statesman. Our Glories Russian Scientist grew me from DNA taken from a blood sample of the Statesmen after one of his many battles in Paragon City. I was created during the height of the Cold war with the U.S. during the Reagan Years. I was to be the Perfect Clone of him a Mirror image as you could say the Soviet version of that American Dog. I was Educated in the Classic Russian arts and Culture, Russian Music the best education in the world. Then the fall of the Berlin wall. The world I had grown to love was changing. The Program I was created with saw it’s funding pulled the Scientist I once called Friend and Family where moved to different projects. In the end I was considered an abomination by some of the new order that had taken over Mother Russia I was to be destroyed by those that created me. My Father The Scientist named ALEKSANDR Storkefski, took me and placed me in a Merchant ship out of the Siberian ports telling the Captain I was his son and paying him a few million rubps to tell the other crew this. The Last sight I say was my Father Being Gunned down by what was left if the KGB as he ran for his life. I worked on the Merchant ship for many years the crew once again became my Family. Though most all the 90 I say may things change and my heart became more hardened remembering the Glory that was Mother Russia. In the fall of 2004 The Ship that I called home set anchor in Paragon Harbor. After speaking with the captain I explained to him that thought I had grown tired of the Sea and was looking to settle down. I told him that I thought that I could find my way here in Paragon “The Birthplace of Tomorrow”. The Captain with much Sadness in his heart was sad to see me leave as well as those of my Crewmates. This was the Home of The CCCP I had heard of their exploits in the Various Newspapers I was able to get. Here was a team of the old Guard of Mother Russia Living in a Capitalistic Country and living the life I was born understand and defend. So here I Am a Son of Mother Russia. One of you, the old Guard. I have come here to Join you in your fight against the Capitalist Dog and await the Glories return that was Mother Russia.