Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 14

Online Name: @435

Country of Origin: Soviet Union

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Energy Blast / Energy Manipulation

Battle Cry:

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Power Thrust + Sniper Blast

Favored Defense: Hover

Hated Nemesis: Paperwork, especially triplicate.

Sergei Artem Gurevich is a man proud of his lineage. Great-grandson of Soviet aircraft designer Mikhail Iosifovich Gurevich, the younger man idolized his great-grandfather and sought to follow in his footsteps. He graduated from the Kharkov Technological Institute, as his great-grandfather did, and then went to work for the Mikoyan (formerly Mikoyan-Gurevich) aviation design bureau. He helped design the aerodynamics of the MiG-29 "Fulcrum" fighter for the Soviet Air Force, for which he recieved his first Stalin award for his efforts in 1983. He dreamed that one day his surname would once again grace the design bureau's name.

He went on to assist in the designs of the MiG-33 and several experimental airplane concepts before being inexplicalby released from service by the service of his country. The blow was far more devastating to him than the loss of his beloved great-grandfather had been. He was a broken man, having lost face in the eyes of his countrymen, his family, and, in his eyes, the late Gurevich. For many years he toiled away at the fields of his native Rubanshchina, all the while continuing to design far more radical aircraft concepts and continuing to submit them to the government. Yet it wasn't until after an accident that he submitted the design that would change his life.

One morning, while sharpening his scythe and pondering yet another aircraft design, his hand slipped, shearing off part of his hand. From the wrist to the webbing between his middle and ring fingers fell suddenly to the ground. He was rushed to the local doctor, whom did all he could do with his limited supplies. The wound was cauterized, and Sergei was left bedridden for weeks as his body dealt with the shock and trauma. In his fevered dreams, he envisioned a new personal flight device. He would scribble what notes he could with his left hand, trying occasionally to re-use his right. His dreams took shape in the form of a pair of bulky gauntlets that contained capured alien technology in a new way. With these gauntlets, he could actually propel a man to fly! Combined with a headset HUD, the idea of a near-invisible pilot flying into hostile territory and being able to covertly neutralize a target would be immensely popular with the Soviet high command in the Kremlin. To better include a comprehensive defensive system into the design, further designed a flexible aluminum bodysuit as a lightweight armor, as well as a stable platform for the gauntlets to harness to. He added fins to the headpiece and legs for better control in the air. As a final touch, he incorporated more alien technology to allow the gauntlets to emit a torrent of pure energy.

He once again applied for a position with Mikoyan, submitting his new design along with his application. After a long period of waiting, envoys of Mikoyan and the government arrived at his home and showed him the plans for a similar device once created by his forefather. They admitted to him that they have the technology, but no pilots, and that the design in reality would require either gauntlets so large they were unwieldly, or a physical sacrifice that none before had been willing to make. Sergei's recent injury made him ideal for the system, as the power cells for the gauntlets could easily be modified to fit where the lost portion of his hand would go. The only drawback is that he'd need to make the same sacrifice on his other hand.

He looked at the design they brought to him. He then stared at his own design. Each was similar, as if the two Gurevich had actually worked together on the project. He mulled over the thought of losing more if himself for the project... He was about to decline, however, when the Mikoyan representative said one crucial thing... "If all goes well, comrade, we may rename the bureau to it's original... and put your name back on."

A week later, the biological systems had been hooked up and the first prototype MiG-47 Personal Fighter Unit was under construction... and Sergei was down to six fingers.

It took months of physical therapy and military training before the aviation designer was fit enough to become a pilot, and for the MiG-47 to be completed. It would surprise Sergei, however, that after his acclimation to the suit that he would be dispatched to the United States to better perfect the system in a more hospitable climate. Thus, he landed in Paragon City with a monetary stipend and a set of tools for tweaking the unit.