Radoslav: The Chronicles of Agn Stratonik

The autobiography of the beginnings and daily adventures of Agn Stratonik.

Trench Warfare

New Enemies Arise to Challenge the CCCP...

Silence After the Storm

Agn Stratonik returns for duty and runs head first into a war.

Agn Stratonik

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Agn Stratonik

Country of Origin: Mother Russia

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Martial Arts / Regeneration

Battle Cry: **Smiles**

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Eagle's Claw

Favored Defense: Integration

Hated Nemesis: Anyone who stands in his way...

Agn was born to Chach and Lala Stratonik in 1976. Lala, however, died of complications during birth. Chach promised that he would raise Agn so that his dear wife’s death would not be in vain. Chach owned a school in Moscow where he taught Martial Arts. His biggest task was training every Soviet soldier that protected the Mother country. He named it the Radoslav art of fighting, after his father, Radoslav, who first created the fighting style after his service in World War II. By the time Agn reached 10 yrs old, he was greatly proficient in Radoslav and even began teaching children his age. His father noticed his quiet intensity and knew his son would surpass him, as he had hoped the day he held Agn in his arms for the first time.

Agn continued to excel, and as he grew older, thought of new ways of perfecting himself. In 1989, Chach had business in Berlin, and seeing that Agn was old enough to travel and capable of defending himself, he allowed him to travel with him. On November 11th, as Chach and Agn walked the streets of Berlin, a gang of former Soviet soldiers, who fled to Berlin hoping to hide from Mother Russia’s fury, recognized Chach as their former Master who taught them Radoslav. They attacked Chach and Agn, deeming them as murderers of the world, and killed Chach. Agn put up a noble fight, but rather than kill him, the traitors set his arms ablaze with gasoline and left him for dead in an alleyway.

Agn rolled around visciously and was finally able to extinguish himself. He, however, fainted and woke up hours later in an infirmary. He woke to the sight of doctors and nurses watching television as the Berlin Wall fell. Six months later, Agn returned to Moscow. His arms were in casts and he would never be able to feed himself or hold another human being again and he had lost sight in his right eye. His father and mother gone, Agn sought to do the only thing that brought peace to his mind: Radoslav. He took the inheritance left to him by his father and went to a Technological Aesthetics doctor. Using technology’s wonders, the doctor encased Agn’s arms in a synthetic shell that resembled robotic arms. He attached dead nerve endings to the casing and gave Agn life in his arms, once again. Able to use his arms again, despite their robotic look, Agn went to China seeking out a well-known and secluded Martial Arts Master named Chung Po Wei.

Finding Wei was no easy task, as Agn spent 3 months traveling over the Mongolian plains in extremely cold conditions before finding an old temple. He found Wei inside, and after completing a series of tests, gained Wei’s favour. Wei taught him not only Martial Arts, but also ways of healing himself through mental power and even how to raise himself from near death through mental clarity. Wei told Agn that many of these skills would come in time and he had to practice and make this a way of life. After spending 1 year training with Wei, Agn went back to China, where he studied under Chinese Communism, adopting the motto “Seeking Truth from the Facts” as his new motto in life.

In 2004, he traveled to Paragon City seeking others who followed his cause and being a minister of the Communist way of life. He seeks to bring about order to a world of chaos. Agn Stratonik does mean “Immaculate Conqueror of Violence” after all…

Comments: Agn is a relatively quiet person, letting his fists do the talking. Because of his past experiences, his ideas are a bit skewed and he could come off as pompous and arrogant at times. He seems to embody a mature adolescent who never got the chance to grow up correctly. He'll stick through to the end and no one can dare challenge his abilities.

Through his works in a laboratory in Steel Canyon, he was able to fabrocate arms that resembled actual skin, allowing him to have the look and feel of real arms again. He also was able to fabrocate lens on goggles that allow him infrared sight in both eyes until he is able to restore sight to his right eye.