Green and Red: A Christmas Story

A Holiday tale to warm the heart of even the most jaded socialist heroes.

The Weight of the World

The newest Commissar grapples with his past, and his future.

Cold Front

The shocking death of Bestial Boy has a profound impact on those within the CCCP.

Bestial Boy

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Bestial Boy

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Dark Melee / Dark Armor

Battle Cry: Its time for the Mean Green Pain Machine!

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Shadow Maul

Favored Defense: Oppressive Gloom

Hated Nemesis: Crey Industries, Inc.

The following Classified Material is the remnant of a larger file recovered from an storage facility in Brickstown following an unexplained fire which gutted the building in 1996:

To: Director Rangels
Fr: Dr. Gladius
Re: Genetic Soldiers Project – Subject #427 – The “Bestial” Boy
Da: 12/10/90

The progress with Subj. #427 continues quite well. Of all the test subjects acquired by the institute he is certainly one of the most promising. In case you are not familiar with this particular subject, #427 was acquired only last year at nine years of age. The public face of the Institute continues to bring young subjects in for study, this program is yielding incalculable benefits to the Genetic Soldiers Project. (See my memorandum of 4/6/89). However, in only one year we have been able to learn a great deal of his genetic potential, and value to the program.

Our initial testing with #427 demonstrated increased strength, agility and speed far beyond normal the normal human range. Genetic deviation is further manifest in his skin tone, angular ears, and the thickness of his nails and hair. The difficulties that this presents in controlling the subject is the source of the moniker used by the staff, “The Bestial Boy”. But this, fortunately for us, does not even begin do describe the depths of his mutation.

We began stress tests on the subject in April of this year, with very surprising results. Subject #427 demonstrates remarkable resistance to injury, whether from blunt force, shearing forces, and cuts and scrapes. The operative mechanism of this mutation, however, is even more startling. Upon closer examination of the test footage, we discovered that #427 was actually emitting an almost microscopic strange strand like material from his skin, which served to shelter him from impacts and injuries. Attempts to obtain a sample of the material have proven unsuccessful, as the material dissipates into nothingness quite quickly after being removed from the subject’s immediate proximity.

Further testing of the properties and source of this material are currently underway. Dr. Fostis believes that the material also serves to conduct energy in certain respects, and is currently conducting a series of electrical shock experiments on the subject to verify his hypothesis. Preliminary experiments with photon bombardment show that the material also appears to deflect light particles in such a way that might have great application for stealth combat.

#427 potential for the Genetic Soldiers Project is virtually limitless. I strongly suggest you present our findings to our potential customers in the Defense Department. We are beginning a program of weapons training and psychological conditioning which should allow us to present “the Bestial Boy” as the first graduate of the Genetic Soldiers Project in only a few years.

On a side note, I strongly urge that you discourage the staff from throwing any sort of “Christmas Party” for the test subjects, as I hear some are planning to do. Although it may seem innocuous, the serious scientific work we are performing here could be compromised by excessive affection for the test subjects by the members of the staff. Our sole focus must remain on the ultimate success of the program.