Zepoch and the WCO

Collective Fist is missing. Assassinattion attempts on the Cetral Committee Commissard occur almost daily. Super soldiers in red and white uniforms attack in the name of the "WCO". Worker's Champion is tightening the noose on the American CCCP. And in a hidden ravine, under the rubble of an atomic blast, a thousand secrets lie undisturbed. Secrets which could unravel the entire CCCP. What will Worker's Champion do next?

A Day in the Life...

Anecdotes from the long and curious life of Ivan Ilych Derinsky.


Petrograd's close on the tail of a long-dead genius.


Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 38

Online Name: Petrograd

Country of Origin: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Power / Ice

Battle Cry: People, Party, State!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Power Blast

Favored Defense: Altitude, speed, and tactics

Hated Nemesis: Worker's Champion

Petrograd was born Ivan Ilyich Derinsky, shortly before the end of the Great Patriotic War. His mutant powers began to manifest in his teens, while he was attending a military academy, and in 1953 he volunteered to undergo a treatment to enhance his abilities so as to better defend the Motherland.

While the work done on Derinsky was ground-breaking for the time, it was downright crude by today's standards, including mechanical limb replacements containing freon coolant boosters and force modulators. At the end of the procedure, Derinsky's armor was permanently sealed, with only a rudimentery life-support system to keep him alive. Even with the primitive technology, the results were impressive. It was shown that with his new enhancements Derinsky, now known as Petrograd after the great battle, could blow holes streight through tanks and freeze titanium until it was brittle. He was even equipped with a jetpack and took a central role in a program to defend Moscow from American nuclear bombers.

Unfortunately for Petrograd, with the invention of the ICBM and better power enhancements, he became obselete. All of his unnecesary enhancements were removed and he was retired to a career of parades and propaganda speechs. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he was forced to scrape his beloved hammer and sickle from his armor and leave the military. He fights on for his memory of the USSR and what it represented.

"For the defense of the Soviet Union, we fly!"

-motto of the Heroes of the 3rd Moscow Air Defense Group

Comments: Update: 2002-Current: During the Rikti Invasion, Petrograd was seen like many other ex-Soviet heroes in the skies of Moscow. His Moscow Air Defense Group training gave him somewhat of a home field advantage in the city, but his obselete enhancements kept him from doing any real damage. He was mostly restricted to a minor leadership roll, using a field radio to coordinate strikes from military jets and more modern heroes with strategies practiced against bombers during the Cold War. His tactics allowed heroes to take the Rikti ships off guard and prevented the bombardment of several key neighborhoods until they could be evacuated.

While Petrograd was an important factor in the defense of Moscow, the rampant destruction of the city devastated him. He had always thought of himself as a guardian of Moscow, and he had failed in his duty to save her from just such an attack. He retrieved his old military enhancements from the smoking ruins of a military base near Dzerzhinsky V, finally destroyed by the Rikti, and emigrated the country.

Petrograd roamed about Europe for a few months, his attempts at escapism constantly thwarted by his irremovable armor. Eventually, he decided to try to find peace in Paragon City, where perhaps his exploits would be less known and he could belnd in to the massive hero population.

Initially, Petrograd believed he had succeded, fading back into the life of Ivan Ilych Derinsky, a retired hero in a city of heroes. But he was eventually recognized by both Red Saviour and Mojiotok, who had both seen his propaganda tours in an earlier age. Where they remembered a fiery champion of the people, they found a broken, tired old man who just wanted to be left alone.

But luckily for both parties, Derinsky's fierce devotion to the communist ideal and to the protection of the people had not waned, it was merely burried under shame. Kind and inspiring words from Red Saviour, later supported by sessions with Spin Doktor, helped him to deal with the pain of his betraly and convinced him of the truth. Ivan once more became Petrograd, Defender of the Skies! He has served CCCP-America with absolute loyalty ever since.