The Fifth of Five

The story of my life

Fifth Child

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 12

Online Name: Fifth Child

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Telekenieses (Gravity) / Empathy

Battle Cry: For The Worker's Struggle!

Movement: Teleportation

Favored Attack: Lift

Favored Defense: Kill them before they kill me

Hated Nemesis: His sibblings (Malta)

On May 22nd, 1984, five children were born in a military lab in Russia. The mother and father had both been gifted with psychic powers, and the same was expected of the newborns. It took 4 years, but the first signs of abnormal mental abilities had started to show. The first of the children, named Plamya (flame), devolped pyrokenieses (the power to control fire). Bessil'nyj (powerless), the second child, developed no real "powers", but his I.Q. was much higher then normal children. The third and fourth children, Alpha and Beta, were twins and had very similar powers. Alpha had the power to dominate and control another's mind, while Beta could probe her way in, then slowly drive the victum insane. Lastly, was the fifth child, named Nicholas by an affectionate scientist, had the power of telekenieses.

All was well...until they hit puberty and their powers became fully developed. The constant experiments on the childrens powers was starting to bother Plamya. He, with the help of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child, revolted, resulting in a massacre. Thoose who were not killed suffered horrible wounds. Nicholas, walked into the outside world he had never seen before, confused and curious. He stared at the bodies lieing on the floor, and asked Plamya if it was right of them to kill all thoose people. His brother told him that they were weak and deserved death, and that they were free now, so why not go to the land of the free.

Nick and his siblings had split apart since then. It had been a year after the incident and they had moved to America. But Plamya, Bessil'ny (who had become an expert of weapons and technology), Alpha, and Beta continued to kill as they saw fit, committing numerous crimes. When he finaly mustered up the courage to speak up to his breathren, he was exiled from them. For eight years Nick refused to use his powers, until earth was attacked by the Rikiti. Along side thousands of heroes, he fought back with his unique gift. It wasn’t until resently that he had heard his brothers and sisters had become arch-villians (when the personal villian feature is added), that he chose to become a hero.