From the Ashes

The fire is lit!

Patrolling Alone

Prior to the Events in the "Phoenyx Rising" story arc

The Night the Light Went Out in Striga

Madame Molotov finds a clue that brings her closer to finding the truth about her father's death... but this discovery may lead to even a bigger loss...

Madame Molotov

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 30

Online Name: Madame Molotov

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Fire Blast / Fire Manipulation

Battle Cry:

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Fire Blast and Fire Ball

Favored Defense: A good offense is the best defense.

Hated Nemesis: The Council; Tsoo; many others

Tanya Rasinov grew up as a child with privileges many others in her nation did without. Her origin begins many decades before her birth. Her father was a career military man who served Russia during WWII as a young man. During the war, young Col. Nicolai Rasinov served with distinction on the Russian Front and garnered the attention of Stalin himself. During the 1950's, Rasinov became the assigned military aide to one of Soviet Union’s superhero groups- the People's Champions. Like most of the country’s heroes during this time, the government felt it best to control the actions of these extraordinary beings to direct them where they were needed most. Rasinov issued the orders that came from the Kremlin without fail. Rasinov continued in this role for many years and from time to time even assisted the team on some of their missions in a supporting role.

Col. Rasinov became very close to the original members of the team which included Count Crimson, the original Red-Star, Mother Russia, Molotov (Tanya's uncle), and the Ice Bear. In 1960, Red-Star was killed in a battle with the evil Baba Yaga and Rasinov was removed from his position. Eventually Rasinov was reassigned and sent to Cuba to act as an advisor for Fidel Castro. Castro wanted a team of heroes to defend his nation from the country’s enemies. During the few years that Rasinov ws in Cuba, he met and befriended a Cuban hero named the Nacional. Rasinov attempted to assist Castro in building a team but after the Missle Crisis with the US, the decision was abandoned and Rasinov returned to Russia. Rasinov's friend the Nacional fled to America soon after this incident and became a hero in America during the mid 1960's-1970's. Eventually, Cuba did develop a team of heroes to defend the island nation, but Rasinov was no longer involved. During the late 1960’s, Rasinov was recruited into the KGB until the death of Ice Bear occurred. After this incident, Rasinov was asked to return to the People's Champions (which now also included the Firebird and Ukrainia). Rasinov was introduced and fell in love with Molotov’s younger sister, Anna. Anna was over 20 years younger but they were married and had several children. Rasinov eventually retired after Molotov was went missing and apparently killed in a battle with old enemy Baba Yaga in 1974. The People's Champions continued to serve with distinction and was one of The Soviet Union's most popular supergroups. The People's Champions eventually were disbanded in 1985 after the "Ural Incident" which is classified and the members went their separate ways. Firebird and Mother Russia were reassigned to serve on the superhero team- the Cosmos Union. Other members continued to service the Motherland for many years.

Tanya was born in the Soviet Union a couple of years before its fall. Tanya was the youngest of six children and her father’s only daughter. When Tanya was four years old she accidentally knocked over a candle which caused her clothes to become engulfed in flames. The fire was put out and much to her father’s surprise Tanya was physically unharmed. Tanya appeared to have an immunity to fire much like her uncle (the hero Molotov) once had. Tanya's mother was fearful that her daughter would suffer the same fate as many of the nation's previous heroes, including her brother (Molotov) and pleaded with Rasinov not to report her powers. The Motherland was no longer what it once was and Rasinov knew that those in power now were weak and would exploit Tanya's powers. Tanya’s father eventually packed up the family and moved them throughout Europe. When Tanya was 11 she accidentally burned down the family’s home when she suddenly burst into flames. Tanya’s entire family, with the exception of her father, was killed. Tanya took this travesty very hard and continues to feel responsible for this event. At times, Tanya may become quiet and reserved when some of these harsh memories begin to surface. Her father, instead, saw this event as an opportunity to help the country he loved and served for many years. He felt that perhaps he was wrong to have left the Motherland and this was a sign to return home and help bring about order in the chaos that is now present.

Tanya returned to Russia, where her father wished to provide her training. He sought out Vasilissa the Wise who helped train other heroes in the Soviet Union. Tanya trained under Vasilissa for several years and eventually learned how to control her powers. Seeking the best education for his daughter, and to expand her outlook of the outside world, Tanya was sent to America to attend university classes. Tanya's father contacted his former friend, the Nacional, who was now retired and living in America to help Tanya with her "superhero" education. Tanya would return home to Russia during semesters and learn from her father the history of their once great country. Her father continued to teach her the ways of the old Soviet Union and longed for the days when the Motherland would return to its former glory. Recently her father was killed by an unknown assailant when she was back in America. Tanya returned home to bury her father and try to find out who committed this horrible act. Clues pointed Tanya to an American criminal (possibly with the Fifth Column) now living in Paragon City. The identity of the attacker is currently unknown, but Tanya has vowed to find the murderer and exact her revenge. Tanya’s family is dead, but she will not stop until she finds her father’s killer. Tanya also wishes to honor her father's wishes and attempt to help restore her birthplace to its former position as one of the superpowers in the world. Tanya is now Madame Molotov- Mistress of Fire.

Comments: Other information regarding Tanya's origin and backstory can be found in her ongoing entries found in the Story Arc section.

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