Supreme Soviet

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 7

Online Name: Supreme Soviet

Country of Origin: Soviet Union

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Invulnerability / Super Strength

Battle Cry: Dosvedanya, SCUM!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Punch

Favored Defense: Temp Invulnerability

Hated Nemesis: The Council

Professor Gregor Draganovich held the metallic vials in a trembling grasp. He gazed at them with a reverent awe, as he placed them gently into the aluminum anodized freon filled cylinder. He couldn't believe the blind stroke of luck that placed the cells of the powerful American hero, Maximan in his grasp.

Properly cultivated, gene sequenced and manipulated, the Soviet Union would have an utterly loyal vassal to spread forth the Communist Doctrine. A vassal whose abilities would make even the United States give pause should they think about interfering with Mother Russia. It was 1980.

Draganovich grew the clone and gestated it in an artificial womb, and after it's birth raised it as his own. He named the child Daniel and filled the child's head with Communist propoganda and doctrine. But deep down inside, perhaps it was genetic, Daniel was...good. Despite this, as soon as his powers manifested and he was able to control them he was sent on public relations missions to make him visible in the public eye.

The powers that be weren't above creating disasters for him to avert, covert ops missions meant to quell subversion, diplomatic missions. meant to alleviate fears. At this time, he was called Tovarisch. A name meant to inspire trust and friendship. Daniel felt everything but. Soon his popularity rivaled that of the Supreme Soviets, a popular superhero team of the past. The hard liners, catching wind of this soon renamed Tovarisch "The Supreme Soviet". A move met with tremendous approval and popularity.

Through all of this, Daniel never felt he was doing good. REAL good. He tried to appease the party hard liners, always appearing with a smile, a wave to the eldlerly matron, a pat on the head to a small child on the bread line. He still believed in Communism but he he knew that the path his country was on was the wrong one. What happended to the teachings of Marx, the strong quiet dignity of Lenin? Were those times gone forever?

Soon enough, the party hard lliners disappeared when Gorbachev came into power (or at least receded into the background). Communism was dying an ignominious death. To live in the modern world of the 1990's, The Soviet Union had to adapt with the times.

[more to come]

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