Social Orders

The winds of change are blowing...

Social Medicine

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: @435

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Empathy / Dark Blast

Battle Cry:

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Total Focus

Favored Defense: Keeping the bigger people healed.

Hated Nemesis: Sky Raiders (former tools of US Air Force)

Although the United States officially withdrew their armed forces from Vietnam in 1975, they continued to conduct secret operations in the country. One of these was a test of an experimental form of defoliant, based on a combination of the already-in-use Agent Orange and Devouring Earth genetic material. The one and only experiment in the chemical concotion happened in 1978, over a small village eighty miles southwest of Qui Nhon.

It was this tiny village that Truong Thanh Ha and her family called home. Thanh Ha was but three when the American planes came, dumping the defoliant on the population of her village. Dozens would die immediately, including three of her siblings and her mother. Even more would suffer immensely as their bodies rejected the poison and slowly withered. Thanh Ha, one of the infected was treated by her father, the village doctor, with an an injection of several different drugs intended to counter the effects of similar exposures, but the combination of drugs and the Devouring Earth genetic material caused the young girl to emanate a green glow that would spread throughout the rest of the village, negating the poison in all affected villagers still alive.

The Vietnamese government sent agents out ot the village to determine the damage and loss of life. While there was significant deforestation, some trees were instead mutated into giant versions of themselves. Much to the surprise of the governmental aides, a young three-year-old would greet them at the village by giggling and glowing green, healing one of the men's gout. A report was quickly sent to Hanoi, where even more officials would come to the village to observe the young girl's powers. They swept the girl away to Hanoi, where she would spend the next 26 years experimenting with her abilities, and being trained in being one of Vietnam's superheroes. Her family and village, for reasons unknown, were all deported to the United States, where they were granted political asylum.

Perhaps the Vietnamese government had prior knowledge of what was going to happen, or had plans from the start. Whenever October would roll around, near the anniversary of her sudden change, she would question her instructors on her family's location. In October of 2004, when she asked, she was given a real answer for once; Paragon City, Rhode Island, in the United States. She was handed a plane ticket, a stipend, and a universal translator system. Upon landing in Paragon, however, she was met by an attache to the Vietnamese diplomat to the US. Her family had gone missing, and the American government had it's own hands full. Perhaps she could both serve as a reprentative for her country and find her family as well? Taking the alias Social Medicine as a proper 'superhero' name in the US, she set out to be a shining light of Vietnam in the very country she disliked with a passion, as it took from her her family and childhood...