Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 19

Online Name: Reaktsiya

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Radiation / Radiation

Battle Cry: Smash Your Chains!

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Radiation Infection

Favored Defense: Radiation Emission

Hated Nemesis:

I am born only son of Ileana and Pietr Kuvoritch in summertime year 1969. I am born in town of Chelyabinsk in Ural Mountains. Matrozhka and patrozhka work many years in top secret plutonium production plant for great glorious soviet atomic program. They try to have baby all the time but each time matrozhka have baby early or baby born with big problem – too many eyes, too little legs – and each baby die. When I am coming matrozhka very old but have big hope I come no problem. I come not to early and with proper number of eyes, legs, and all parts. This brings great joy to matrozhka and patrozhka. Finally they have healthy, strong soviet baby.

It is not until I am growing up that small strange things appear. Not on outside like other sickly babies but strange things coming from inside. Matrozhka notice when I fall or get small wound some green glow is coming from me and wound disappear. She has some worry but it looks like good problem so matrozhka not say anything and is happy for healing green glow. Is only when I become little bit older that other strangeness brings big worry. I am playing with other healthy young soviet boys when I am getting pushed by bigger boy. I become angry and some energy comes out and zaps boy. He leave with much surprise and some small wound. This is big worry for matrozhka. She brings me to big doctor at production plant. It is not long before I am being in front of the great Kurchatov. This is beginning of my training.