The Worker's Torch: Pattern Fire

Destruction and renewal, fire has followed Dmitriy through out his life. This is his complete origin, in three parts.

Worker's Torch

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Worker's Torch

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Fire / Rad

Battle Cry: Workers UNITE

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Holds

Favored Defense: Holds

Hated Nemesis: Crey

Dmitriy Vladislav is a very simple, straight forward, man. Born in Russia, his State chose profession, ironworker.

Whew Glasnost came the promise of West, and its prosperity, spoke to Dmitriy, it called to him. In 1990 he immigrated to the United States. The first 5 years in America were good. He then discovered what it was like to be in a company that had been bought out.

All of the managers he had grown to trust where now gone. The union he belonged to was broken. Promised pensions were taken away, work hours per worker where reduced, benefits were taken away. Finally Dmitriy was let go and he went down hill, eventually becoming homeless.

After several years of living in a box, Dmitriy was able to find work. Paragon had been destroyed, and it needed to be rebuilt. It seems Paragon Construction, a subsidiary of Crey Industries, was looking for just about anyone they could get their hands on.

The pay was good, the work was hard, but Dmitriy was happy to be busy again. Maybe America wasn’t so bad, or was it?

Crey Research needed a guinea pig, and based on the experiment's needs, they decided on an ironworker. The pathogens were to be hidden in the tanks of the welding equipment. The subject was sure not to actually survive the accident; the real science would take place in the autopsy. All for the betterment of mankind, science, and Crey's bottom line. Now all they needed was someone who wouldn’t be missed, and Dimitriy fit the bill nicely.

Dimitriy started work as usual, lighting this cutting torch. He happened to look over at his equipment, noticed a flashing light on a little box next to his tanks, then the world exploded.

"Independent" analysis of the work site showed that the explosion was caused due to worker negligence.

Oddly, despite being right next to the explosion, his body was whole. Crey research was quick to offer its support in figuring out exactly what happened, but at this point Dimitriy would have none of it. He knew he had been set up, and his gut told him Crey was somehow behind it. To his dismay, Dimitriy knew that as a mere worker he could not stand against the army of lawyers at Cery's disposal.

A few weeks after being released from the Hospital, and Crey's employment, Dimitriy started to discover that he was now "different". He had also decided that he was wrong in coming to America and turning to Capitalism. The true path for the worker can only be Communism. With his newfound abilities he would now strike out and fight for the common man, the Worker.

Hearing of the work the CCCP was doing in Paragon, he quickly contacted their representatives as soon as he could…