From Russia WIth Love

What does a young man from the heart of Siberia do when he goes to one of the greates hot-beds of scum and villany? He becomes a hero.

Russian Battler

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Russian Battler

Country of Origin: Siberia, Russia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Dark Melee / Invulnerability

Battle Cry: Do Svedanya, Tovaritch

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Might of Russia Pounds You (Shadow Maul)

Favored Defense: Heart of Russia (Temp Invuln)

Hated Nemesis: Circle of Thorns

Nicholai Rasputin Niekchiev is the son of the famous Russian Professional Wrestler, Ivan "the Russian Battler" Niekchiev grew up in the heart of Siberia. . Ivan spent much of Nicholai’s youth (in the 70’s and 80’s) in the square circle doing battle with many of the worlds “professional” wrestlers, including the Steel Mullah, the Bestial One, Pretty Boy, and the United States Champion, the Glittering Goon. When Nicholai was about to begin his formal childhood education, at the expense of the state, his father accepted a challenge from the reigning United States Wrestling Champion, the Glittering Goon. Ivan decided to take his entire family on this momentous trip, as it would decide who the best wrestler in the world was.

Nicholai was amazed at the lights and the sounds of such “Amerikan decadence”. There were many photographers there, as well as men in dark suits. During the match, his father injured his knee, and was rushed off to the hospital, after defeating the Amerikan Champion. Of course the KGB investigated, but there was no definitive evidence of foul play.

Ivan learned that his leg would never heal properly, and retired. The Glittering Goon, although he lost, gloated publicly about permanently putting the Russian Battler out of Business.

Nicholai’s father decided to train other young Russians how to wrestle, so Nicholai’s home was always filled with the sights and sounds of training for the Professional Wrestling circuit.

Nicholai grew up in that environment, and enthralled with physical contests. Nicholai was already a fidgety, feisty child. Ivan curbed this energy by training Nicholai how to “handle himself in all situations”. This showed up in his behavior at school, and Nicholai’s parents were always being hounded by the school officials because of altercations that young Nicholai had gotten into. He was never truly considered mischievous or malicious, he was just apt to use his fists before his head.

It was on just such an occasion that he was blessed with his tremendous gifts.Just after his 18th birthday, coming home from the fields, he noticed an old lady being accosted by two men, who were obviously foreign spys. Nicholai, once again thinking with his fists, and not his head, leapt to assist the lady. Shortly, the men found themselves unconscious at Nicholai's feet. The old woman was grateful and gave Nicholai a small charm. The men, as it turned out, were agents of the Circle of Thorns, and the old woman was Mother Russia herself, whom the Circle of Thorns wanted to capture to harness her magical energies.

The charm gave Nicholai the ability to tap into netherworld and use them to power his fists with their negative energy. To counterbalance this drawing of negative energy, it also imbued him with the powers of invulnerability. Nicholai thanked the old lady, and promised her to fight for Mother Russia when ever the call came. Nicholai remembered back to the proud tradition of his father and decided to take the name of the Russian Battler, and bring it back to Amerika.

Comments: Nicholai's prowes in doing battle is natural, but the charm he wears under his costume augments his strength, speed, stamina, and prowess.