With Bestla's and Mojiotok's mysterious departure to Russia, Red Menace is joined by a small group of stalwart comrades in a crusade to save the two. Not everything, however, is as it may seem.

Red Menace

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 30

Online Name: Red Menace

Country of Origin: Old Russia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Dark Melee / Regeneration

Battle Cry: For the People!

Movement: Folding Shadows (Teleportation)

Favored Attack: Shadow Needles (Shadow Maul)

Favored Defense: Summoning strategies (Teleport Foe)

Hated Nemesis: Iskuchenya (Temptation)

Viktor Chiernii was born in the steppes of Russia in 1631. Orphaned at birth, Viktor grew up as a common thief and hoodlum, preying on the weak and accosting travellers for what litle wealth they might have. One day he found a tiny hut in a clearing of a forest, and sneaked in for what he thought would be an easy bit of loot. As his eyes became accustomed to the darkness, he made out the form of a frail old woman sitting in a chair. Her eyes held him intently, and he found himself unable to move.

"I know you, Viktor - I know of all the darkness in mens' souls." creaked the ancient voice. "Your life was created in misery, lived in misery, and has wrought nothing but misery. You have fled from the strong, and exploited the weak to survive. The world is a darker place because of you, and for this I curse you.

From this day forward, your weakness shall be the weakness of those people who you preyed on, Viktor, their suffering your suffering, and their strength your strength. Your body shall never rest - you must work for the common good."

Viktor lapsed into unconsciousness with these words weaving their way through his mind along with dark dreams of a tiny hut bounding away from him on enormous chicken legs.

The following evening, Viktor accosted a crippled old muzhik and demanded his money. As the man stared in fear, Viktor felt his legs crumble from beneath him - the curse of the old crone was real! Viktor stumbled to his shack, shaken, and reassessed his life that very night. He saw himself through the eyes of the old peasant, realizing how shallow and meager his life was. With uncharacteristic determination, Viktor vowed to, from that day forward, preside as a champion for the weak.

True to the crone's word, Viktor's body never aged - his health seemed tied to the happiness and security of the simple peasants he once preyed upon and now protected. In addition, Viktor found that he was able to the cruelty and darkness within the opponents he faced against them, manifesting itself as a dark, arcane power. Viktor became a protector of the people, facing down the tyranny of those who would exploit the common man.

Victor's body never aged, though his countanance became set with the cruelties and hardships he faced every day. He fought thousands of swindlers and brutes, and was slain a thousand times. Every morning, though, he would rise again in tireless pursuit of a better world.

Although illiterate and uneducated before his transformation, Viktor began to educate himself afterwards, thinking an academic and philosophical approach to appeal to those in power might best serve the people of his motherland. He eventually became a courtesan of the Romanov court, pleading the case for social justice and liberation of the serfs. Though he presented a dashing profile, and his passion struck a chord with some reform-minded individuals, he was unable to affect much of a change from within. In disgust, he abandoned the court, and became a wanderer, travelling from villiage to villiage in exacting justice upon the cruel.

Naturally, in 1917, Viktor joined the Bolsheviks in their struggle to revolve the Czar's power to the people of Russia. He became a crusader for the Communist cause, and tirelessly toiled for equality and the safety of the common man. Viktor never fully aligned himself with the central powers of the Soviet Union, occasionally lending his might to their battles, but preferring to wander the land, righting wrongs and ensuring that the strong and powerful would do no harm to the weak.

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1988, Viktor found himself unable to combat the forces of anarchy and the spirit of avarice that had burst in his homeland. He found himself growing weak and sickly, as the spirit of the people deteriorated. Vowing to return when he found a way to reverse the ill fortunes of his Motherland, Viktor set out for America - Paragon City - a city in which, as in post-Soviet Russia, the generosity and kindness of the citizenry was being sapped by the evil of heart and violent men who would prey upon the weak. Here in Paragon City, Viktor wears the mantle of The Red Menace, striking fear into the hearts of the cruel, and striving to win the hearts and minds of Paragon Citizens over to the spirit of collective strength!

Comments: Viktor Chernii's run-in with Baba Yaga was not coincidental. Baba Yaga had been, for many years, in battle with a hated enemy of hers. A minor angel who represented the principle of "self-sacrifice" had thwarted several of her selfish schemes in the past, and seemed to be gaining the upper hand on her. Calling upon her native cunning and dark eldrich forces, Baba Yaga had tricked and captured this angel within her hut. Using minor summoning magic, she summoned a nearby footpad - a small, ruthless soul - and, thinking it deliciously ironic, bound the spirit of self-sacrifice - the angel Samaet - into this man's body.

The man was, of course, Viktor Chernii. Though the angel's consciousness was essentially destroyed and Viktor's remained, the fusion of the two entities produced the changes within Viktor.

Red Menace is a duty-bound, rigidly principled character. He has only marginally stayed aware of the world as it changed around him. He has witnessed some of the worst facets of the human soul, and is somewhat cynical about the fundamental nature of humans. In spite of this, he has great respect for human life, and kindnesses move him greatly.

Red Menace was sometimes known as Temnischet in Russia, where, like Baba Yaga, he was somewhat of a mythological figure that parents would use to scare naughty children. Within mystical circles, Menace is generally referred to by the name of the Angel who is bound to him - naturally, there is a plethora of different names for this being: among others, Samaet, Zhertva, Samaotverzhnic, and Sacrifice