A Fine And Private Place

A software upgrade leads down an unexpected road.

Lovers and Heroes

Bestial Boy and Belladonna Aura Adventures and Misadventures across America and in Paragon CIty

Hymn Of Breaking Strain

When is the burden of command too much for one person?

Three Days In December

When everything changes

One Bottle of Stoli

In the lives of her friends and comrades, Belladonna Aura looks for answers for herself.

One of Two

Commissar Belladonna Aura goes it alone

Red And Blue

Belladonna Aura struggles to find her place in the CCCP, but will love ruin everything?


NCSoft closes city of heroes


Moving on

Belladonna Aura

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Commissar

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Belladonna Aura

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Radiation / Radiation

Battle Cry: Nuke 'em till they glow!

Movement: Fly

Favored Attack: Cosmic Burst

Favored Defense: EMPulse

Hated Nemesis: Rikti

Bella Dawn Parker's grandparents worked at the Nevada Atomic Weaponry Test Site for Robert Oppenheimer; this is how they met. Their son, Robert Jonathan Parker, also met his wife (Emily Katonic) at work, this time at the Groom Lake Research Facility (Area 51). Nobody was shocked when Robert and Emily gave birth to a bouncing blue baby girl...there was a high percentage of mutant kids coming from the workers at Groom Lake, and Las Vegas is not a bad place to raise a mutie kid---nothing surprises anyone there.

Her Healing Aura first showed up when she was quite young, first when she hurt herself playing, then she quickly realized she could also heal her playmates without them having to go to their moms (and maybe confess they had been doing things they shouldn't have). This made her rather more popular than less, and by the time she was in high school, she was a regular assistant paramedic at sporting events. That (and the fact that she just had too many interests to want to settle into an 8-year academic grind) was what decided her to become a paramedic rather than go to college, although she is certainly intelligent enough to have gotten an MD.

Then the Rikti invaded, and one of the places they hit was Groom Lake. Volunteers were quickly recruited from among the untrained and retired heroes in and around Las Vegas to go in and take the base back, and with both her parents barricaded into a 50s era fallout shelter, Bella was one of the first to sign up.

The carnage was terrible, among heroes as well as non-heroes, both civilian and military. The stress triggered new powers for Bella, Neutrino Blast, Radiation Infection, and Accelerate Metabolism., all of which she used in the fight to take back the base . But she is still suffering from the trauma of that day, as are so many who fought off the Rikti

In light of this, she decided to abandon her original plans and come to Paragon City to the place where the stand against the Rikti was the strongest.

On a vacation back home, as chronicled in Red Saviour's story, "Death of the CCCP," she encountered Red Saviour and Mosca, and has subsequently been "adopted" by the CCCP. While it might seem strange for someone with Bella's background to feel comfortable among a lot of hard-line Marxists, Bella's philosophy of life (formed in part by grandparents who after all, worked for Oppie, and in part by C.S. Lewis's Narnia Chronicles) is a simple one: she does not pay a great deal of attention to rhetoric, she cuts straight to the chase and looks at what someone does and is, not what they say. She sees no difference between the members of the CCCP and what they stand for and the most idealistic of American heroes (and in fact, that the CCCP continues to patrol the streets long after they have "leveled out" of King's Row strongly appeals to her sense of justice and decency).

While generally kindhearted to a fault, she reserves an intense hatred for the Rikti.

When not fighting crime, and capitalism, either with her comrades or alone, she can be found using her Healing Aura in and around the neighborhood of the King's Row headquarters or her apartment complex, treating people who cannot afford to go to a doctor. She lives in Coldwater Apartments in Atlas Park, down the hall from Victoria Victrix , one floor down from Seraphic Flame and Blazw Phoenyx (John Murdock).

Her mutation had always been unstable, changing four times in her lifetime, and she had warned Saviour and others that there was no telling when it would destablize again nor what the consequences would be.

Then, as chronicled in the last half of the story-arc, A Fine And Private Place the sub-arc "The Light That Failed, " it destablized radically. Collapsing in the sewers with a team of lower level heroes from the CCCP she was rescued by that team of Shen Fai-long, Soviet Wing, Last Avatar and Commie Cowgirl. But there was no resucing her from the fact that her body was rejecting its own tissues. Bella was dying, when her friends from the RPCongress and comrades of the CCCP found a web of creative solutions from entirely unexpected sources to keep her alive long enough for a permanent cure to be found from the last person and in the last place anyone would have thought.

If anything, this crisis only cemented the relatiosnship that had been growing with Commissar Bestial Boy .

When Red Saviour, the sole remaining Commissar from the original Gang of Four that brought CCCP to America, decided to return to Moscow to have and raise her baby, taking the vacant spot once occuppied by Worker's Champion, she decided to revive the Gang of Four to head the CCCP with new blood reflective of the mixed orgins of the current CCCP. She chose Untermensch, Communnard, Bestial Boy, and Belladonna Aura. Up until now, Bella had shunned that sort of responsibility; now she felt ready for it. And the new leadership was about to get the test of their lives: the all-out attack on CCCP HQ by the Council, as chronicled in "Battle Stations!"

And the tone was set in that crisis. This was not Red Saviour's CCCP, but it was just as strong, and just as united. Nothing proved that more than how the comrades pulled together, rallied and found a new vision for the future. ("Battle Stations: Aftermath")

But tragedy dogs the footsteps of the CCCP. Her fellow Commissar and love, Zach "Bestial Boy" Marlowe was killed in battle in Washington DC ("Three Days In December"). Alone once more, she dedicates herself to the protection and welfare of her comrades.

Comments: With a weak telempathic power, Bella was chosen by Seraphic Flame to become her "apprentice" counselor. When Flame's powers were lost or reduced in her transition to mortal, Bella's were suddenly increased. Now she needs to use barriers to keep from intruding into other peoples' minds. She is empathic within a room, surface telepathic at about 10 feet from someone and strongly empathic and telepathic if touching.

This development coincided with increased rad leakage which the brlliant physicist Shyft "cured" with a tiny device that is powered by the leaking rads themselves.

Her near-fatal illness has resulted in a new stable mutation which no longer throws rads except in a fashion strictly under her control, manifested in auras and glowing eyes.