Agent Dva

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 11

Online Name: Agent Dva

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Force Field / Dark Blast

Battle Cry:


Favored Attack: Force Bolt

Favored Defense: Force Fields

Hated Nemesis:

Alexandra Gurov was a lovely young woman just graduating from university with a degree in military history when she was offered a position with Military Counter-intelligence. Although her work began with listening to wiretaps and data analysis, she was soon moved into field work

Her attractive appearance and razor sharp mind quickly led to her deployement as a counter-intelligence operative, ferreting out spies among ambassadors, businessmen, and fellow millitary personel. She became very skilled at crafting various guises for herself, from the young student, to the aspiring actress, to the rich baroness, all depending on the profile of the target. She became part of a group of ten highly skilled conter-intelligence agents put into deep-cover operations by the Russian military, and was forever after known by the moniker "Agent Dva" (Agent Two).

Agent Dva was sent on an assignement to investigate a network of German businessmen that had begun heavily investing in the former Soviet Republics of Ukraine and Belarus. She began to infiltrate her organization, and discovered connections to both to former Nazi party members and Crey Biotech's Switzerland operations. She had just sent out a report to her superiors regarding this discovery when her superiors lost contact with her. The year was 2001.

Three years later, Alexandra resurfaced in Kiev hospital, severly beaten and with multiple broken bones. After being transfered to a Russian military facility, and a lenghty recovery, it became clear that something traumatic had happened to her. Though always in excellent condition, ,Agent Dva had heretofore shown no signs of superhuman abilities. However, during her rehabilitation she quickly demonstrated the ability to generate and manipulate different types of force and energy. Alexandra had no memory how she came to be injured, although she has recurring nightmares of being hurled from an airplane. She recalls being abducted during her last assignment by a number of well-trained agents, but they kept their faces hidden at all times. She sustpects she was drugged during much of her captiivity, b/c she has no sense of what occurred except for bits and pieces of fragmented memories.

Her superiors in military intelligence do not entirely trust her, and are concerned that she has been converted into a double agent, perhaps even unbeknownst to her via some sort of conditioning. They have requested that she be transferred to CCCP in America in the hopes that time will cause her either to remember what occurred, or that putting her in the public eye will bring her would-be-assassins into the open. Alexandra, of course, just thinks that she has been assigned to CCCP due to her newly-discoverd powers.

Comments: OOC: ((I'm going for a sort of Alias-type character, but with superpowers. She is sort of stuck in between Moscow and CCCP, and her loyalties are a work in progress. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated)).