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The Adventures of Commie Cowgirl!

Commie Cowgirl

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 30

Online Name: Commie Cowgirl

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Soviet Buffalo Rifle / Dva-Fisted Gumption!

Battle Cry: Let us rustle up varmints!

Movement: Horse...wait, where is horse being?

Favored Attack: Fist!

Favored Defense: Shoot first, asking of questions later.

Hated Nemesis: Varmints!

Oksana Fedin grew up in the wastelands of Siberia. Her parents, simple ranchers who birthed her late in life, raised cattle. They pitied little Oksana, who displayed great enthusiasm for life at an early age. Her vitality and intelligence would take her far, if only they could get her off the lonely steppes.

The Fedins taught Oksana to read both Russian and English when she was two, using Communist children's primers. With no true reference point for the real world, Oksana absorbed the propaganda without skepticism. When she discovered a cowboy novel in her father's modest library, her young mind made the connection between cowboys and Communist struggles. This perception overwhelmed her, forming her personality for good.

Her parents humored her new love for American cowboys. After all, she became enthusiastic about helping herd the cattle, which was an arduous task. They purchased new books and videotapes for her every time they visited town. Soon, she would send away for tapes, books, paraphenalia...she even called her father "Pa."

Oksana grew into a handsome young woman, lithe but very strong from years of riding and wrangling. As the dictionary definition of a tomboy, she resisted the advances of husky farmboys with fire and knuckles.

Her parents sickened and died suddenly; the State reclaimed her land. Oksana was left with nothing. With great reluctance, she moved to the city and took a job at a store, selling cowboy boots. After foiling a string of attempted robberies, she caught the attention of the Russian mob.

They ordered a hit on her, only to find her at their main office, punching out goons and demanding to talk to the "trail boss." This discussion quickly turned into a shootout, and Oksana displayed Annie Oakley level marksmanship by plugging the mob boss' entire retinue. He surrendered.

"Communist Cowgirl Rustles Russian Mobsters," the headlines screamed. Oksana had captured the public's imagination. Interviews, articles, awards followed, leaving her disoriented. Mojiotok Sr. approached her with an offer for membership in the CCCP, more specifically the American branch. Oksana jumped at the chance to visit the country that gave birth to John Wayne, Randolph Scott and Roy Rogers. To America!