There's No Place Like Home

A reluctant vampire-hunter joins the CCCP

The Charge of the Labcoat Brigade

Theirs not to do or die Theirs but to reason why



Althea Nagy

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Althea Nagy

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Dark / Dark

Battle Cry: Let the Darkness Fall!

Movement: Fly

Favored Attack: Moonbeam

Favored Defense: Fearsome Stare

Hated Nemesis: Vampires (Council)

(Official File from Bureau of Metahumans)

Althea Nagy is descended from a line of hereditary Transylvanian vampire hunters stretching back to the 11 century. Sealed at birth to the service of the Horned Hunter as are all her clan, she is entitled to bear the family crest of a running stag beneath a pentagram, showing that she is to use her dark magics in the service of the Light. At the age of 19, she was attending the university in Moscow when her entire family was slaughtered down to the family pets. On discovering that the vampires of the Council who had perpetuated this fiendish act had fled to Paragon City she petitiioned the authorities to permit her to follow them. They granted her petition, and assigned her to the CCCP to continue her fight on American soil.

This is almost all true. It is also a great deal of duplicity and spin.

Althea's family sent her out of Transylvania as an infant to preserve the family bloodline in case the worst happened. She was adopted by a pleasant, mildly socialist couple who live just outside Moscow and grow hothouse tomatoes. At eighteen she began attending the University to major in Botany, hoping to study and cultivate rare orchids and bromeliads. The first she knew of any of her magical background was when she was abruptly pulled out of class by two grim-faced officials and taken to an office where her mother and father and a bizarre little man (wearing what looked like an odd priest's cassock) were waiting for her. Her parents told her that something terrible had happened, that she needed to listen to these people and obey them, and with tears in their eyes that she didn't understand, left, telling her to be good and strong.

This is where she learned of the existence and tradition of her blood family. The odd man, whose name was Ivanova, then handed her a heavy book bound in brass and iron (the family grimoire), a case she later discovered was a vampire-hunting kit, and then---literally---hit her over the head with his staff.

She passed out. When she woke up, her hair and skin had been bleached white and she had magic. And there was a vampire waiting to ambush her as she left the building. in the company of the two officials.

She is not entirely clear on how she killed it, and it was probably entirely by accident---always assuming that the ambush hadn't been set up by the very people she was with in the first place. But this served to convince her that if she stayed in Moscow her parents were in danger, and so she did not protest when officials informed her that the vampires had been traced to the Council and back to Paragon City, and that she must go there in order to "apprehend" them all before she could return home.

They issued her a "uniform" and bundled her on a plane, and many weary hours later she was picked up at the airport by a Russian consul, then delivered into the hands of Freedom Corps. Rushed through Outbreak for training, she was then dumped on Red Saviour and the CCCP who were, in fact, in the middle of a DE mission. It was a very harsh way for a very bewildered young woman to be introduced to America and her new comrades.

Comments: The events in the story arc "There's No Place Like Home" have left Althea Nagy Petrovsky a profoundly changed person. She has discovered strength in herself that she never suspected. The girl who would have fallen apart on receipt of the letter from her father telling her that she could never come home again is gone. On being rescued and presented with the letter, she was only interested in two things; presenting the truth and discovering whether or not she was deemed worthy to wear the uniform of the CCCP even though she had come into it under false colors.

Accepted back into the CCCP, she is a very different Althea Nagy than the one that was first dumped on the doorstep of the King's Row HQ.

Though still shy and gentle, she is no longer the slave to her fears. Having reached and passed Security Level 20 she became a valuable working member, and knows this. She was engaged to be married to Alexei Nikolski (October Star II). Unfortunately, OSII became disenchanted with CCCP, and wished a return to what he thought of as the "gold standard" of Soviet power and authority. He left CCCP. Thea, child of the modern era, aware that this was little more than illusion, remained and broke the engagement off. She has moved back to the boarding house in King's Row, and continues both her college career and her development as a hero.