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Astra Kyne Murdock

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 44

Online Name: Astra Kyne Murdock

Country of Origin: Underhill, Elfhame Silverthorn

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Peacebringer

Powers: Peacebringer / Peacebringer

Battle Cry: For Freedom!

Movement: Quantum Flight

Favored Attack: Nova barrage

Favored Defense: White Dwarf

Hated Nemesis: Dr, Garvey

((There are two versions of Astra, the PB and the Fire/Psi blaster. The Blaster is a member of CCCP))

Daughter of John Murdock and Seraphic Flame Murdock, twin sister to Aedan Murdock (Warshade) and younger sister to John Michael Murdock/Unity Knight (Peacebringer).

Astra and her brother were the unplanned children of John and Sera--unplanned, because the solution to John's fatal genetics that had alllowed their brother JJ to grow up healthy and powered was not an option for any more children, Other powers, however, had other ideas.....

From the moment they were old enough to understand, Astra and Aedan knew that they were faced with three future choices if they wanted to live. One, remain Underhill where powerful Elven Healers could constantly repair the damage their own powers would do to them. Two: Never use their powers at all. Three: undergo a Kheldian fusion.

And Astra knew almost from the beginning which she would choose. Exposed by her parents to other Peacebringers, and quite used to the unspoken link of twins, she wanted a "forever friend" to share her life with. So, when her parents continued to preach caution, she took matters into her own hands.

She slipped away from the Underhill domain they called home, and using the Atlas Park Gate, came to Paragon City, marched straight up to the Peacebringer leader Sunstorm, and confronted him, announcing who she was and who her parents were. "I'm going to die," she said baldly. "You messed up my daddy's fusion, so you have to find me a forever friend."

Charmed by her audacity, Sunstorm polled all the unfused Peacebringers he could reach, and within half an hour had weeded them down to four who were just as charmed by the little girl as he was. But there was no question, once Astra met them, which would be the other half of the human/Kheldian equation.

The Peacebringer, Kyne, had already undergone one human fusion in her lifetime, as well as several with Mefnanim (squid) and Kurukut (crab) entities. She had been a warrior against the Nictus for most of her life, dedicating herself to the task of freeing the Kheldians from Nictus oppression--but it was the fusion with the human Candace Alan, aka "Kandy Kane" that was the most influential on her personality.

"Kandy Kane" had been a burlesque star in the 40s and 50s; Kyne encountered her as she was literally dying in a nursing home. Attracted by her strong emotions, and desperately in need of a fusion, Kyne offered the dying woman a chance for a new life.

And Kandy jumped on it. "I always wanted to be a hero," she said. "I don't want to tie you down to an old fart forever, but give me one good year."

That is exactly what happened. Operating as "The Gray Panther," Kyne and Kandy made something of a name for themselves until the day that not even Kyne could keep Kandy's aging body from the inevitable. Kandy released Kyne and died a happy woman, leaving with her the advice, "Next time, find a youngster. It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

And in Astra, Kyne found her new soulmate. Both returned Underhill, much to the consternation of Astra's parents. The actual fusion was postponed until Astra was about 14, to allow her body to grow and mature, but their powerful telempathic bond made for some...interesting times for her sometimes bewildered parents. Now chronologically 17, Astra and Kyne have come to join the Peacebringer Army and take up their place as a hero, following in Astra's parents' footsteps.

Comments: Astra Kyne is two separate personalities in the same body. Astra, relatively innocent young daughter of JM and Sera, and Kyne, and Kyne, whose own personality has been heavily influenced by her first human fusion, Kandy Kane. In fact, Kyne often refers to herself as an ex-stripper.

Kyne's speech is always signaled by brackets--

>Hey, I always say, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.<