The Youngest Champion

Comrade Shen Fai-Long is only fourteen years old and a member of the CCCP. Are adult pressures and extraordinary dangers catching up to a boy who is growing up entirely too quickly?

Shen Fai-Long

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 21

Online Name: Shen Fai-Long

Country of Origin: Sichuan Province, The People's Republic of China

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Energy Blast / Devices

Battle Cry: For the Middle Kingdom!

Movement: Hover

Favored Attack: Power Blast

Favored Defense: Sound Military Tactics

Hated Nemesis: The Council, Nemesis

Name: Shen Fai-Long
Age: 14
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 99 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Superhuman Abilities: Class C Energy Projection

Profile Essay:

When I was hungry, China fed me. When I was naked, China clothed me. When I was abandoned, China cared for me. I am grateful to my country for what she has done for me, and it is with this in mind that I leave her for my mission in Paragon City.

My family never had very much. My mother, father and I lived and worked on a failing rice farm in Sichuan Province. Ours was one of the unlucky few Sichuan farms that had little luck in yeilding rice. As a result, we rarely had enough to eat. Several of China's costumed heroes would come from time to time and hand out food to the people of our village. Even as a young child, I understood the care with which China treats her people.

I was always an intelligent child, although my discipline was often non-existent. Being an only child in a community of elderly farmers made me reckless and lonely. I yearned to play with children my own age, yet all my role-models were at least the same age as my parents. I suppose I speak with more maturity than my years even to this day... At least, when there are adults around.

Whenever I was unsupervised, I would run out into the fields and pretend I was one of the CCCP, battling exotic enemies in the heart of the capitalist machine! In my imagination, I would battle alongside my personal heroes, Collectivist Fist and Grandmaster Te! Back then, I thought I was imagining the flickers of blue light that allowed me to vanquish my pretend foes. Of course, I also believed that the spots that began to creep across my face were merely acne.

My heart still begins to race when I remember my thirteenth birthday, the day my parents announced that they had a surprise for me. I spent hours wondering what it could be, and when they led me into the kitchen, there it was: a brand new bicycle! This was no simple gift, as something as extravagant as a new bicycle was far beyond my parents' means! They told me that the bicycle was a gift from China's superhuman forces, but I didn't believe them until People's Blade herself appeared in our doorway! I suppose Ms. Xiao must have been informed about what could happen around me, even if she never expected it. I was about to open my mouth to thank her when a surge of blue-white energy exploded from my fingertips and tore through the east wall of our home.

When the waves of energy would not stop pouring from my hands, People's Blade was forced to subdue me with the hilt of her blade. Most of my parents' house had been demolished in under fifteen seconds, and it would be redundant to report on the condition of the bicycle. I am told that my parents cursed my name and categorically disowned me. It is a great burden for me even now. For endagering the lives of my family and one of the Young Champions, I am forever a disgrace to the Shen name. I don't blame them, of course. I was born a mutant, and the consequences of that fact cost my parents their home.

Once again, however, China provided for me. I was accepted into CCCP and began my training almost immediately. Over the next year, I learned to control the energy that courses through my body, as well as proficiency with a multitude of Soviet-engineered gadgets. It wasn't until I turned fourteen that China decided my talents would be of better use in Paragon City, thwarting the tide of chaos that threatened to overrun it. I wished I could have remained in China, but I did not question my orders. Besides, it would be an opportunity to see People's Blade again!

China has been generous, and I will repay her with my life!

Comments: Despite his professional facade, Fai-Long is a naiive country boy at heart. He is often woefully unfamiliar with urban culture and practices, although urban warfare and military tactics are a specialty of his. While his patriotism toward China serves as a great source of inspiration, he is at times blindly loyal to his home country and the ideals thereof. Much of this can be blamed on youth, even though Fai-Long goes to great lengths to act with more maturity than his fourteen years would imply. The pain and trouble he has caused his parents weighs heavily on his heart, and he rarely speaks about them. Even when he does mention his parents, he will never speak ill of them, including (and especially) with regards to his being disowned. In his heart, Fai-Long is a kind, if idealistic, teenage boy who just wants to do the right thing.

Shen Fai-Long has a long-standing crush on People's Blade, Xiao Fei Li. He is visibly awkward around her, but he becomes a model soldier when in combat situations involving his fellow countrywoman. Fai-Long assumes that he is doing a good job of hiding his crush on People's Blade, though few observers could mistake his feelings as anything less than romantic.

Fai-Long is very self-conscious about the crimson spots that cover his face. He will rarely look in the mirror voluntarily because of them, and he reacts badly to any mention of them. At best, Fai-Long will ignore the individual and continue with the task at hand. At worst, Shen's reaction will match his age.


After spending several missions with his idol, People's Blade, and learning about her being reunited with her former wife, Shen has given up his crush on her. However, his affections have shifted towards fellow CCCP member Althea Nagy.

Although his feelings were not returned, the two enjoy an almost sibling-like relationship. Shen delights in referring to Althea as his "sister", and Althea has been known to speak of him as her "little brother" over the radio. Shen still has very strong feelings for Althea, and he will defend her zealously should she come under any sort of attack.