Navigating Enlightenment

A child of destiny learns to direct her own path in this world.

Sister Shuma

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 37

Online Name: Sister Shuma

Country of Origin: China

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Gravity Control / Kinetics

Battle Cry: Shuma hold you!

Movement: Teleportation

Favored Attack: Propel

Favored Defense: Boinger Jr.

Hated Nemesis: Tsoo

**excerpts from an intra-departmental MEMO, People’s Heroes of China, translated from the Chinese**

... apprehended as a vigilant group, self-styled after Western legends such as Robin Hood, the Hand of the Goddess have been inducted into our growing ranks as we press forward to match the escalating number of American meta-humans. The Hand of the Goddess consists, remarkably, of one family of mutants. For the last 20 years, the Hand has operated solely along the Yangtzi trade route, concentrating their efforts in maintaining peace and stamping out corruption between the major ports of Shanghai and Nanjing. Their names are taken from local myth. The Goddess Mother (Shi Ming-rui) is the matron and leader, with sons Brother Ghost (Shi Jie-han), Brother Spirit (Shi Ao-lan) and daughter Sister Shuma (Shi Jia-ning). Ghost and Spirit have fathered the rest of the Hand…

…it is Sister Shuma who we are most interested in at this particular time. Of all the Hand, we believe she has the most potential as a future leader in our group, for severals reasons…

…Shuma’s control over space and energy manifested at the very early age of 6, years before most mutants come into their destiny, typically around the time of puberty. Most recently, our own training methods have accelerated the use of her abilities at an astonishing rate. To date, she has shown the remarkable talents of a gravitron, warping and shaping the earth’s own gravitational forces to her will. Of greater concern is her ability to, as difficult as this is to believe, reach into a fourth dimension of existence. Shuma has demonstrated, time and again, an ability to fold space and bend reality. Despite current theorems uniting time and space, Shuma does not appear to affect time at all, merely forming and exchanging pockets of our reality. This may explain why her abilites appear stable and, as far as we can determine, safe…

…assessment of Shuma’s character is, at best, a gamble. The youngest, physically frailest, and only daughter of Shi Ming-rui, Shuma has faced little encouragement from her family, though her abilities may one day out-distance the rest of them combined. As a result, she has had little schooling, is meek, impressionable, and so self-effacing that one oftens forgets she is even in one’s company, however…

…determined there is resolve, cunning and a resourceful adaptability in her thought patterns. Upon testing, particularly in combat situations, Shuma has risen remarkably to the challenges set before her. While awkward and uncomfortable in most social situations, at the hint of danger she has been observed to act immediately. If surprised, she take a mere moment to assess the situation, takes in her entire environment, and proceeds with a plan. It is for this reason, that we believe she can be a powerful leader of the future, with the proper training…

…no choice but to recommend transfer to Paragon City. Our current training standards are not equipped to deal with power of her magnitude. We do not recommend she be assigned to any hero, but as part of her test, to make contact on her own. Our one recommendation is to instruct her to make contact and join with the CCCP superteam. Her intelligence and impressionable nature would make her a prime target for the flashy, materialistic meta-humans of the west to exploit…

Comments: Upon her arrival in America, Jia-ning had become susceptible to her supervisor's worst fears: the decadence of the West. Raised with little attention in a behind-the-scenes technological void maintained by her mother, Jia-ning was terrified of her assignment in a strange new land. Despite being virtually ignored by her family, she was raised completely dependent on their ways, their discipline, and their very infrequent displays of affection.

Suddenly, she was thrust into a land where people are free to express themselves, and fueled by technology and an ever-changing culture that borders on her imagination as almost magical.

Suddenly, Jia-ning has friends. Her incredibly quick mind has picked up the english language at a steady rate. She has discovered fast-paced, hard rocking music. She faces danger on a daily basis, and has grown accustomed to it. She now craves victory, and has learned to express herself openly, usually in giddy exclamations of joy.

Her transformation is ongoing, but there is less and less of Jia-ning of late. Even now, she refers to herself.... as Shuma.