Eva Zochov

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 4

Online Name: Edie Cove

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Gravity Control / Force Field

Battle Cry: Surf's up, Comrades!

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Crush

Favored Defense: Personal Force Field

Hated Nemesis: Cold Weather

Born near Tcheget Mountain in a small breakaway Soviet Republic, Eva Zochov never had to struggle. Her parents, both ruling class instilled in her the beliefs of the Communist party.

Her mother would take Eva to the mountain frequently to learn skiing, in an effort to abate her wild side. Eva hated the cold weather and when her mother perished in a skiing accident, her hate turned to rage.

On her 18th birthday, Eva moved to California and took up surfing. Changing her name to Edie Cove, she quickly gained the respect of the surfing world by winning numerous competitions. She began posing for various men's magazines, like FHM and Maxim. The readers enjoyed her sexy and strong Russian looks. She enjoyed the limelight, but wanted a change of scenery again. She traded the balmy California weather for the east coast world of Paragon City.

Edie quickly rose up through the social ladder in Paragon. Secretly every morning, she awoke at 4AM to go surfing. On one particular morning, a nuclear submarine exploded off the coast of Talos Island. Edie was out on the ocean that day. She rode the wave back to shore as best she could, but she couldn't keep up.

She awoke on a large rock in Talos Island. She was barely harmed and found herself surrounded in some sort of strange bubble. As she brought her hand up to rub her head, she noticed her skin had turned pale blue.