Battle Stations: Aftermath

Pick up, build again, life goes on

State Of The Heart

When the boundaries blur between human and robot, Waitron9000 blazes a new trail.


Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 35

Online Name: Waitron9000

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: martial arts / invulnerability

Battle Cry: Service UP!

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: Thunder Kick

Favored Defense: Cobra Strike

Hated Nemesis: Void/Quantum/Dark Nova/Dark Dwarf

Waitron9000 was created by Rossum's Universal Robots as an experimental Food Service bot. She has a unique positronic brain with real AI, wireless down/uplink to the Freedom Corps library computers and the Paragon City Library system and a unique chipset designed to make her respond to "customer unhappiness" by moving to correct the source of the unhappiness. In beta-test with Paragon Pizza, she was serving tables when a gang of Hellions invaded and began beating up and robbing the customers. Responding to customer unhappiness, Waitron9000 downloaded the entire Jet Li archive and proceeded to mop the floor with Hellion faces.

The management of Paragon Pizza and the devs at RUR were both grateful, and understandably concerned. The implications for what might occur if the customers were unhappy with restaurant management were not something they cared to contemplate.

The program was discontinued and Waitron was scheduled to be scrapped when Freedom Corps got wind of this, bought her and her contract, emancipated her, trained her, made a slight alteration to the definition of "customer" in her database and put her on the streets.

She formerly lived in Belladonna Aura's closet, and when Bella joined CCCP, Waitron petitioned to be allowed to join Young Champions.

She currently has a niche custom-crafted by Callignous Storm at the CCCP HQ that allows her complete access to all CCCP/RPC communications and plugs her into the CCCP LAN

She was recently promoted to Commissar of the YC.

Comments: Waitron is a sweetheart. She is ultra-protective of softies, and since Khelds are the softest of the softies, has taken on their protection as her prime function.

She will often say, "Parts for this unit can be obtained at Radio Shack. Humans must heal." in response to why she throws herself between sofites and the enemy with such alacrity.

You can't insult her or make her unhappy because she has no real ego, although she does have emotions and enjoys feeling and expressing them.

She also occassionally reverts to her food-service origins and will offer teammates a tasty beverage. Since joining Young Champions she has begun carrying vodka, though she might card you.