Hope is the Thing With Feathers

Coauthored: Victoria Victrix and Red Djinni

Battle Stations!

The CCCP faces their oldest and most implacable enemy---without Red Saviour!

Hunting High And Low

Co-written by Victoria Victrix and Red Djinni

Coming Home

Red Djinni has been missing for months. Now he returns

Victoria Victrix

Group: Other

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: VictoriaVictrix

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Controller

Powers: earth / empathy

Battle Cry: Rock on!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Herbert (Stone Pet)

Favored Defense: Earthquake

Hated Nemesis: CoT

When your mother is a familiy tradition witch and your father is a werewolf and both are heroes working for the FBI you see the spandex businss from the inside growing up. Named for a famous Roman Legion of the time of the Ceasars, Vickie never doubted she would follow in her parents' foosteps. She attended St. Rhiannon's School for Gifted and Exceptions Students---a boarding school for magic-users only, which combines high school and college---taking the Underhill 8-years-compressed track, where although you spend eight years being taught by Elves Underhill, you really don't age, and you return 2 years after you started rather than 8. She went Underhill just before the Rikti War, and came out into a changed world.

And something terrible had happened to her there to change her. Scarred horribly both physically and mentally, she was a twisted and self-loathing version of her once-confident self.

With her parents' encouragement, she decided to move to Paragon City to employ her talents in Freedom Corps. Unable to face being a hero, she became a recluse, making a living writing romance novels and a few nonfiction pieces, including the popular book about the less-glamours aspects of life in spandex and armour, GOOD TASTE: The Frequent Die-ers Guide to the Turf, Sand, and Carpet of Paragon City. (A new appendix to the next addition will be titled "Inspecting the ceiling for cracks; knockback has its benefits")

She shares an apartment with her cat, the familiar Greymalkin.

As for what had happened to her Underhill---

There are two kinds of Elves Underhill, the Seleighe Sidhe (or elves of Light) and the Unseleighe. Don't mistake these elves for the animation kind, these are creatures that can change their world just by thinking about it. For millenia the Dark and Light Elves were at war; eventually a truce was declared , although it is an uneasy one. Both sides can meet in a neutral place called the Baszaar of the Bizarre. In the last year at the school, the students are allowed to visit the Bazaar as they please.

Now there are occassional defectors from the Unseleighe to the Selieghe side, and Vic met a wildly attractive Dark Elf who claimed he wanted to leave and had a very convincing story. She fell for it, and for him. One day he vanished and word was he could be found at the Court of the Morrigan, the ruler of the Unseleighe, the Celtic Goddess of Blood, Death, and Battle.

There is a tradition that a mortal can reclaim her lover from a Sidhe lover by challenging to a Magician's Battle, which was what Vic did. The end was not pretty, although she won, barely. That was when she found out she had been set up.

Though rescued and healed, her body was hideously scarred; there was not an inch of normal skin anywhere but her head and neck. Not surprising, she has panic attacks and a lot of other issues; since arriving in Paragon City she had remained in her apartment, imprisoned by panic attacks and her conviction of her own inadequacy.

Then, after meeting with Red Djinni, a chance encounter in Azuria's office, all that changed.

With the help and love of Red Djinni (Story Arc, "Hope Is The Thing With Feathers"), she overcame her phobias and neuroses. Red moved in with her, and the two began to work their way into a new kind of relationship as she healed mentally. And although she was not aware of it, her steady use of Healing Aura to aid her teammates had the secondary effect of slowly healing her physical scars.

Her discovery of this coincided with Red's own growing fear that now that she was healing, he would lose her...

Though events seem to be conspiring to tear them apart, it only made the bond between them stronger. And Red proposed atop his "Aerie" in Founder's Falls, and she accepted.

Not that this is the end of their little saga--or troubles. Oh no...

Comments: Although her "first life" was as a warrior, the authorities decided that she needed to learn a few things after her fall from grace. This is why she is purely a support and defensive mage now. Any offensive powers she aquires will be incidental to her primaries of "hold and heal." But thanks to Red Djinni (who recently moved in with her) she is learning a whole lot about herself and what she is capable of.

What Vic has that others don't is connections. Living an essentially housebond life for roughly two years means she's worked her networking skills to the point that if there is magic info to be dug up she can either find a contact herself or run it through her parents' contacts. What Thea is to cooking, Vic is to digging up information on the arcane and the practitioners thereof.

Vic was actually the first of my alts inducted into the CCCP when she met with Red and the rest to advise them on the wonderful world of publishing. The rest is history, and remember, Red, I still have the negatives.