Tunguska Angel

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 10

Online Name: Tunguska Angel

Country of Origin:

Origin of Powers:

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: /

Battle Cry:


Favored Attack:

Favored Defense:

Hated Nemesis:

At 7:17 AM on the morning of June 30, 1908, a mysterious explosion occurred
in the skies over Siberia. A few years later in 1911 Dr. Triasko, a
scientist and engineer, was out scavenging around the site and found shards
of metal. Naturally his curious instincts led him to a small crater, not too
far away from where the impact site was. Though it had been a few years, it
was still rare for anyone to see the area, let alone walk in it. Dr. Triasko
stepped into the small pit, and began collecting pieces to what looked like
a demolished truck. "Poor fool must have been caught in the explosion" he
thought to himself. As he rummaged, he found what appeared to be an arm.
Being the old man he was, he almost had a stroke. Upon closer inspection, he
realized it wasn’t a human arm, but a mechanical one. Excited, Dr. Triasko
ran back to his lab for help from his colleagues. He was about to embark on
his greatest project yet...

In October of 1942, things in Stalingrad couldn't get any worse. The Nazi
menace continued to drive into the heart of the city pushing back all
defense with ease. At this rate, Stalingrad would be demolished in a month
and the Nazi's would achieve their goal of destroying one of Russia's vital
points. Or so the people of Stalingrad thought. But Dr. Itolavich knew
better, it wasn't Stalingrad the Nazi's were after, it was Dr. Triasko's

After Dr. Triasko died, his colleagues carried on his work as best as they
could. In Stalingrad there was a top secret lab located underground where
they could finish the final stage of the project. So they moved their work
to the city and hoped for the best. But one of the other scientist had
another plan. Hearing the benefits a person could receive for turning over
government secrets, Dr. Meanze contacted the 5th Column Immediately. When
Dr. Itolavich found out, it was too late. Dr. Meanze was already gone, and
Nazis surrounded the city of Stalingrad.

In the underground lab, Dr. Itolavich gazed at the experiment that was
dubbed "Tunguska Angel". But outside he could faintly hear the screams of
people dying. It was his fault for coming to Stalingrad, and now the city
was in danger. The good doctor had enough, if the 5th Column wanted the
Tunguska Angel, then they could have it. The team made preparations to run
what was to be the final test of all their years of research.

Outside, Nazis and 5th Column members bombarded the city with artillery,
getting ready for the final push. Suddenly explosions rang though their
ranks, and tanks seemed to be thrown into the sky. Soldiers were dumbfounded
as they heard screams and shouting from behind their lines. Just as the
soldiers ran back to investigate, they stopped dead. In front of them, a
figure was holding a Panzer II above his head. Smoke covered his body, and
it was hard to tell who it was. Then they saw an eye begin to grow brightly.
Immediately they retreated while another Panzer fired a cannon shell,
blowing the figure to bits. Unfortunately, the hulking figure lunged from
the smoke unscathed, propelling his Panzer II at the other one, blowing them
both up.

The people of Stalingrad watched the mechanical shadow not knowing what to
think. Then they saw it, the heavy black and red colors of a soviet uniform.
Whoever it was, he was a Soviet...and that was good enough for them. The
defenders charged into the confusion fighting back the Nazis toe to toe.
After a bitter struggle, Stalingrad emerged victorious owing all their lives
to this new hero. The Tunguska Angel continued his fight throughout Russia,
and even into Europe. On the day of the Nazi surrender, the world rejoiced
and the Tunguska Angel retired under the roof of Dr. Itolavich. But
something still bothered Dr. Itolavich. According to Dr. Triasko, he was
found destroyed near the Tunguska blast, but how did he get there? But it
wouldn’t be until long after Dr. Itolavich’s death, that the first clue to
the Tunguska Angel’s origin would be explained...during the Rikti

The Tunguska Angel stood stiffly, as the Rikti warrior carefully eyed him.
The Alien calmly made a gesture with his hand, and said, "So you survived
that explosion?" Utterly astounded, the Tunguska Angel replied with a single