Young Boris

Story about the young Russian Nuke in Siberia.

Russian Nuke

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 16

Online Name: Russian Nuke

Country of Origin: Mother Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Radiation Emission / Radiation Blast

Battle Cry: In The Memory Of Lenin !!!

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: X-Ray Beam

Favored Defense: Radiant Aura/Accelerate Metabolism

Hated Nemesis: Fascist and Capitalist Greedy Running Pigs!!!

Boris Kreigkopf was a Cold War era atomic scientist. He was a loyal nationalist and proud socialist. He despised the ways of greedy Amerikantski capitalists and concentrated on his work, developing greater and greater nuclear weapons to help his country win the weapons race and destroy the enemies of communism, establishing a perfect utopia on earth.

Then, disaster struck. Boris was supervising the construction of a prototype Nuclear missile, when suddenly, a miscalculation of a rookie scientist caused the plutonium catalyzer to spill it's atomic material over Kreig. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and stayed in coma for months. Awakening and discovering his powers, he decided to use them for justice, peace, the proletariat, and the socialist dream. From that moment on, Boris Kreigkopf became Russian Nuke: The Socialist Protector. He fought as a KGB sponsored hero until the disintegration of the USSR. He wandered the world until discovering and joining the new CCCP.

Also in Paragon, he discovered the radiation had mutated his muscle cells into powerful propellers, and by using them adequately he could leap incredible distances in short time.

Comments: I'll add more depth to the character through various storylines I have in mind.