Little Fish, Big Pond

Is a hero measured by his suit, or his heart?

Sometimes the Mask Comes Off

Can heroes have a life without masks? Do they have to be a hero every moment of every day?

Legacy of a Fallen Hero

If you knew the future, would you accept it, or change it?

October Star II

Group: Other

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 36

Online Name: October Star II

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Energy / Energy

Battle Cry: For the people!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Energy Torrent

Favored Defense: Power Thrust

Hated Nemesis: Formerly: The Family and Tsoo Now: The Council

Grandson of the famed 1940's hero of the same name, Alexei Nikolski was a defender of the people of Kiev against the Russian mafia, after the fall of Communism. Now in Paragon City to join the CCCP as his beloved Jedushka did, Alexei fights for the people and fo prove himself worthy of the name.