Office Hours

When the CCCP goes looking for an in-house tutor, there is only one man foolish enough to take the job.

Prof Tempest

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 35

Online Name: Prof Tempest

Country of Origin: Italy

Origin of Powers: Magic

Archetype: Controller

Powers: Illusion / Storm

Battle Cry: The Tempest is upon you!

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Phantom Army

Favored Defense: Invisibility

Hated Nemesis: The Circle of Thorns

Professor Tempest has only recently returned to active duty, following a year-long metaphysical excursion to the fifth plane of Dinestre, a magical subdimension where sexual interaction is the sole mode of communciation. He claims this was for purely for academic purposes.

Marco Tempesta was born in Italy to a wealthy family. Attending the finest schools, partaking in the delights of upper class society, Marco's family was a swirl of contradictions. On the surface, they were aristocratic in bearing and appearance, yet politically Marco's father, Giovanni, was a member of the Italian Communist Party. Marco never questioned the sources of the familiy's money, but it was clear from his father's tirades that it was not from any such "banal enterprise" as business interests.

Marco was 15 when the reality of his father's affairs jumped up and stung all of the Tempestas. Under cover of night, Marco's father roused him from sleep, and he and Marco's mother led him through secret tunnels under the familiy's estate in the Lake Country. They made their way to a secret bunker, and Marco's eyes bulged out his head at the exotic and bizarre paraphernalia his father had accumulated there.

Apparently, Giovanni Tempesta had been a bit of a dabbler in magic, and had been trafficing in antiquities and arcana for some years. Unfortunately, to that end he had joined the Circle of Thorns, who he proceeded to double-cross over a particularly valuable artifact. Marco and his family remained on the run for a number of years, until the constant pursuit of the Thorns eventually found the Tempesta's living in upstate New York. In a strange twist of either foolishness or generosity, only Giovanni was claimed by the Thorns, who have left Marco and his mother undisturbed over the years.

Marco threw himself into his studies, and was preparing to complete his PhD in psychology when the ghost of his father began to speak to him. Prodding him to recover various artifacts from the Circle, teasing him about his appearance, and insulting him over his lack of a wife, the ghost of Giovanni Tempesta is neither entirely benign nor malignant. But it is clear that this ghost continued Marco's education from beyond the grave, to the point where Marco learned to call upon other spirits, ghosts and poltergeists to aid him.

Today, Marco Tempesta is a professor of para-psychology and occult studies at Paragon University, although he spends most of his time plumbing the depths of Paragon arcana for lore and information. He is a man of somewhat leftist leanings (what university professor isn't!), but truly came to join the Young Champions to fulfill their need for an in-house tutor for their younger membership. It is for this reason that he holds the rank of officer, which is simply reflects his status in charge of education, and not any tactical or martial status.

He shares a curoius professional and intellectual rapport with Communard, and has fought beside many members of the CCCP even prior to his membership.