Where Eagles Dare

New hardened hazardous environment suit, developed specifically for issue to CCCP and YC members. Patent pending, operator uses at own risk.

Phoenyx Rising

A recent recruit to the CCCP must come to terms with his past, or fall forever.

Phoenyx Ascendant

John Murdock is himself again, and Phoenyx Rising has become Phoenyx Ascendant

Red Lion, White Phoenyx

Alchemists, governmental conspiracies, and villains abound in this newest installment of the Murdock Family's saga.

The Fading Flame

The Murdock family faces new challenges and drastic changes.

The Fading Flame: Meanwhile

Reactions to The Fading Flame story arc

John Murdock

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Official

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Blaze Phoenyx

Country of Origin: United States

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Peacebringer

Powers: Luminous Blast / Luminous Aura

Battle Cry: For Freedom!

Movement: Energy Flight

Favored Attack: Incadescent Strike

Favored Defense: Kevlar/Nomex woven flak jacket

Hated Nemesis: Nictus, Council, and Quantum weapon weilding foes.

John Murdock became a revolutionary by circumstance, originally. Part of a governmental research program to create and study meta-humans, he used to be a patriotic soldier for his country.

Born and raised in a family with a strong military tradition, it was natural for him to follow in the footsteps of his father, and his grandfather before him. Enlisted as a United States Ranger, John served his country, if not proudly, then dutifully. Even then, he realized that there were things fundamentally wrong with the way his nation conducted itself; at the time, though, he thought that that was simply the way things were always going to be.

After several years of distinguished service, John was tested and later recruited as a member of the 1st Special Forces Operation Detachment (also known as Delta Force), an elite counterterrorism unit. He eventually rose to attain the rank of Sergeant First Class within in his troop, demonstrating exceptional leadership abilities.

It was precisely the qualities that allowed him to excel within the military that made him a prime candidate for the research program that would make him the hero he is today. His death was faked during a staged mission, to effectively sever any personal ties he held. Whisked away to a sequestered research facility, located in the jungles of South America, John underwent various and sundry surgies.

Headed by Dr. Jacob W. Garvey, the project manager and lead surgeon, the project was designed in order to create artificial meta-humans for use in an unofficial capicity to further US interests. This was to be done through the use of surgical and cybernetic enhancements. The end result, through combination of the enhancements and rigorous training, was that subjects were faster (both physical quickness and reflexes), stronger (slight resistance to damage, increased physical strength, above average healing rates, and a more efficient metabolism), and more alert. Unfortunately, due to several management faults and an underestimated mortality rate, upwards of 45% of those that underwent the full procedure were killed as a result.

During the course of John's training following the recovery period for his surgeries, he noticed that there were was a pronounced difference between him and the majority of the other subjects. For one, he had a certain aptitude, able to use his enhancements and cybernetics to the utmost. Second, he had unlocked within himself the ability to produce and control flame.

Dr. Garvey immediately flagged John for a special side branch of the main project; John and four other patients had exhibited natural meta-human abilites, aside from the ones produced during surgery. This auxiliary program was used to hone and test the limits/applications of their abilities.

After extensive observation and experimentation, Garvey was facinated to learn that John was able to manipulate and use the energy in neutrinos and mitochondria (within himself and others). When he focused, he was able to harness this energy and focus it, igniting flame in the process.

Things looked promising; John's utility for covert field duty would be greatly increased with these powers. But a complication arose. John had formed a friendship with one of the other subjects that had been marked for the auxiliary program; his somewhat voluntary participation ended when he witnessed her die, killed callously for the advancement of the project. He was scheduled for summary termination and autopsy when he became violent towards staff, attempting escape several times. Forcefully moved to the chamber where he was to be executed, John lost control. His powers issued forth unchecked; as a result, the entire facility -staff, research, and subjects- was destroyed in a thunderous blast of flame. John emerged from the inferno he created, shattered by what he had done.

The next few years where spent in exile from the United States. He was free to rediscover who he was, without hounding by the same government that had betrayed him, for any record of his existence had been destroyed with the research facility. It was during this period that John learned about anarchy, a revolutionary idea that had the possibility to end the sort of oppressive hierarchical organizations that quashed the masses for the gain of a few. Dedicating himself to this new idea, though still unsure of whether he was fully in control of his powers, he ventured to Paragon City to fight oppression face to face.

He had spent the better part of a year in Paragon before he came to join the CCCP, after viewing a news story about them. He approached one of the Officials, Communard, and tendered his application. Taken on his training and evaluation run by Untermencsh, John was approved for admittance, and has been a 'sturdy comrade' and active member in the Super Group since.

Several months ago, John's health began to decline drastically. This became especially apparent after the rescue of one of the newest members to the CCCP, one Althea Nagy. Upon further investigation by himself and Belladonna Aura, John learned that his own powers had been the cause of his failing well-being. Through his use of the energy within his own mitochondria, John had depleted them; ischemic damage, a condition often found in donor organs that had been deprived of oxygen, was now ravaging his body's organs, especially in his lungs (due to his prediliction for breathing fire on his enemies).

Running out of time and out of options, Belladonna refered John to a trusted source of hers; Seraphic Flame, an angel spending time incarnate in Paragon. Through her help, he was able to make peace with his past and himself. As an unexpected product of his time spent with her, he also grew to love her, a love which she returned. Unwilling to lose Flame, John continued to search for a cure to his condition. Flame offered him divine counsel; a Kheldian fusion would be able to cure help, but would require something additional in order to be a complete success. A literal miracle, which only she could provide.

Miracles don't come free, however; she would be required to sacrifice her connection to the Infinite, which had been her home for all of Eternity prior. John was torn; if he were to accept her gift, it would rob him of his memory of her, as well as her connection. If he didn't accept, he would die, and be reunited with his lost love in the Infinite. After several tense weeks, he decided to accept.

The ceremony took place atop of the Galaxy City arena; Home World, a dying Kheldian fusion himself, sacrificed his life and essence for John, passing on to the Infinite himself. John was revitalized...but the fusion was only a partial success, since Home World's sentience wasn't their to guide the process. There came the miracle; Seraphic Flame called upon her Guardian, Michael Azir, the Archangel Michael, to grant her the boon. With a strike of his divine blade, her connection was cut asunder, and the miracle was granted. John Murdock died, and was reborn...

Now, his memory erased to five years prior (to just before he had entered into the research program), he adopted the monicker Blaze Phoenyx (a name that he wasn't able to attribute to any conscious effort on his part; it just sort of came to him.). Upon meeting his old comrades, he was unable to recognize a single one of them. This proved too much for his love, Flame; she descended into an unimaginable grief.

Afforded with an apartment in Atlas Park by his former self, John was able to uncover a package that he had left himself, which outlined his past and his prior relationships, especially within the RPC and CCCP. Of particular note was his love of Flame. Victoria Victrix, the most experienced mage and lead occult researcher within the ranks of the Young Champions, also had a hand in reminding him of his past.

Armed with this information, he eventually had a series of encounters with Flame, the culmination of which ended with Blaze surrendering his personality to that of the original John Murdock. Reunited with his love, John and Flame soon were wed, on the very spot atop of Galaxy City's arena that John and Flame had sacrificied so much already.

Recently, the couple has adopted the orphaned Right Hand Ratt, a refugee that John had helped escape from captivity in the Praetorian Earth dimension. The three of them now share an apartment that occupies the same building as Belladonna Aura's and Victoria Victrix's/Red Djinni's apartment, in Atlas Park.

Comments: Despite the confidence he displays when around others, John is very insecure with himself. He constantly fears what would happen if he should lose control of himself or his powers. Also, he comes off as a bit paranoid at times, taking somewhat ridiculous precautions to protect his apartment and cover his tracks; he believes that he still has government agents persuing him, even though this isn't true. In addition to these failings, he continues to blame himself for the death of the other patient, whom he'd actually developed a romantic relationship with.

After John's reemergence as a Kheldian, he's taken full advantage of his new lease on life. He's more confident about himself, divested with new powers that are more...pure, more faultless than his old. He no longer fears losing control, nor much else; after having touched the Infinite, little can trouble him, as he knows that death is not an ending, so much as another beginning.

He also has gained several new convictions with his rebirth; one of the more prominent being the eradication of the negative energy beings known as the Nictus, with which the Council has strong ties to. Despite not having inherited a personality to go along with his Kheldian essence, John was able to retain some of their knowledge; and with this knowledgle, he learned an unabiding digust for the Nictus, which had at one time enslaved the Kheldian species.