Ursa Minor

Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 32

Online Name: Ursa Minor

Country of Origin: USA

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Kinetics / Energy

Battle Cry:

Movement: Teleport

Favored Attack: Energy Blast

Favored Defense: Repel

Hated Nemesis:

Ursa Minor was born Ursula Wilson in Sacramento California in 1946 to a middle class American family. Her father was a veteran of World War II and her mother worked in the factory as a riveter. Her childhood was normal in all respects; raised with baseball and apple pie, she was quite content.

During Ursula’s early teen years, her father fell on hard times. He lost his job due to alcoholism and was never able to recover from his malaise. His life became all about where he would get his next drink and Ursula and his wife became distractions to this goal. He eventually left his family never to return. Ursula was crushed; at the age of 15, she and her mother were kicked out of their house and ending up living in a cheap, roach ridden apartment in Oakland. Her mother trying to raise Ursula on odd jobs consisting of restaurant work and house cleaning, Ursula had a lot of time to herself.

At the age of 16, Ursula met Sonny Barger. At the time Sonny was pulling together the disparate biker clubs called the Hells Angels. She saw this man as a free spirit, an escape from the gloomy drudgery her life had become, and left home. She road with the Angels for three or four years, sometimes with one guy and sometimes with another. She developed a fondness large bikers with bald heads and full beards which continues to this day.

In the mid sixties, the Angels where starting to get a lot of press. They became a part of the counter culture even though they didn’t want anything to do with it. People were enamored with these strange one percenters and many made attempts to bring them into their “movements”. One of these was Timothy Leary.

Ursula happened to be around when Leary made his visit to the Angels erstwhile domicile. They gave him some time to speak about what he wanted before they beat the crap out of him and stole his money and drugs. But what he said caught at Ursula’s imagination. He talked about opening your mind to inner possibilities by using a drug called LSD. She left two nights later, met up with Leary and joined the League of Spiritual Development (LSD).

In the LSD, she was introduced to a communistic lifestyle. They lived in the mountains of Colorado in a compound. Each person helped with the agricultural duties, cloth spinning, cooking…anything that needed to be done. They were largely self sufficient. Once all the work was finished for the day, the members of LSD would open their minds to the spiritual world.

From the first time Ursula tried LSD, she noticed that something in her mind had opened. Sometimes she’d be working in the fields and suddenly she’d be standing ten feet away from where she was. She put these down to hallucinations the first couple of times it happened. After living in the commune for four or five months, she was working at the spinning wheel when another member ran up to her from behind. It frightened her and suddenly she was covered in a green light and the individual was thrown violently away.

The commune was confused by this incident and decided to hold a spiritual communion to gain insight. Everything began well, Ursula was calm and collected and eager for the results to show themselves. At some point in the ceremony, she began to get nervous. It seemed like everyone was looking at her strangely. She began sweating and shaking and she just wanted to get away. The others could tell that she was starting to freak out and made motions to calm her down, but this only exacerbated her fear. Shaking in fear, freaking out, suddenly she disappeared.

She found herself in a large city with strange alien monsters all around her. Talk about freaking out! She was quickly beaten to a pulp. She woke up in the hospital five days later. She figured out that she was in the year 2004 by listening to the nurses talking and watching TV. She couldn’t believe it. She was 30+ years in the future, aliens had invaded, and she had strange powers. What was she to do?

In the hospital bed next to her was a strange woman mumbling in Russian. It was Red Saviour, also beaten by the Rikti hoards and almost recovered. During their recovery, they got to be friends and Ursula was able to demonstrate her powers. Red Saviour was impressed with this American woman who, raised with all the American values, found her own way toward a communistic lifestyle. She was also impressed with her powers. Ursula was inducted into the CCCP under the new moniker of Ursa Minor - little bear, because she was lost and found her own way home.