Sputnik 1984

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 12

Online Name: Sputnik 1984

Country of Origin: DDR

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Force / Force


Movement: Fly

Favored Attack: Power Blast

Favored Defense: Hover

Hated Nemesis: Clockwork

Sputnik was the last experimental robot created in the USSR for interstellar combat, to rival the Americans "Star Wars" program. After the Cold War was over, it is bent on bringing back the Soviet Union to its greater glory and creating a new communist order by destroying the evil capitalists and fascists in Paragon City.

Many years later Sputnik discovered that he was built in the DDR (or the German democratic rebublic, or East Germany). He was then sold to the US after the Cold War and was thrown away by the US after they had drained it of all of it's resources and tecnology. He is now on the path to bring all of his circits to full working order.

Comments: I make what is right wrong in this capitalist society!.