Red Scarab

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 29

Online Name: Baelock

Country of Origin: US

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Invulnerability / Energy

Battle Cry: Always Go In Feet First!

Movement: Superjump

Favored Attack: Whirling Hands

Favored Defense: Temp Invulnerability

Hated Nemesis: Arena

Alexander grew up the youngest, and smallest, in a family of great Russian athletes. His father was their coach. Many family members represented the Soviet Union in the Olympics over the years, and in the off-season, they trained together and put on many exhibitions throughout the country.

One year, they toured North America, where his Father made the decision for the whole family to defect. It was purely out of monetary greed, that the family would participate as athletes in the lucrative professional sports.

Alexander, as the runt, was nothing more than a towel boy or water boy for his older siblings. However, where he wasn't strong in body, he was strong in mind. As such, he often studied the manuals written by a great uncle, a geneticist before such a scientist even had that name. His great uncle studied ancient Egyptian medicine and science, learning many of the great transformations. Alexander learned that through these methods, he could gain the strength he lacked, and earn the respect of his family.

A subtle difference in terms of *Strength*, Alexander did receive a muscular body, but more importantly the nigh invulnerability of the Scarab's exoskeleton armor. Now, Alexander fights crime as a direct contridiction to his capatalist family.

Comments: Alexander is smart, and understands how to use others perceptions of his lack of height against them. He does sometimes run the "short-man" disease, and gets a bit perturbed at anyone who might make fun of his height.