Group: Young Champions

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 19

Online Name: Blacklist

Country of Origin: Boston, United States

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Blaster

Powers: Ice / Ice

Battle Cry:


Favored Attack: Cold Front (Ice Storm)

Favored Defense: Keeping distance

Hated Nemesis:

James Ilych Buffington IV is the scion to a crumbling empire. The Boston Buffingtons were a clan of powerbrokers going back to pre-revolutionary America, with interests in everything from distilleries to manufacturing to publishing.

With the rise in industrialization, The Buffingtons moved with the times, being early adopters of Henry Ford's assembly line. They also adopted some of Ford's pollitical leanings as well, becoming very active in Workers' rights movements, and, ultimately, the kind of upper-class intellectual Socialism and Communism so prevalent in metropoli during that era. In spite of their great wealth and social status, Buffington industries were extremely charitable and provided good salaries and excellent benefits to its employees.

The Buffingtons were very active in both World Wars, supplying munitions and weaponry to anti-fascist forces in both wars, and even, in some cases, giving their lives for the cause: Hiram Buffington, James' great uncle, gave his life over the Pacific.

After World War II, James' grandfather, James Buffington Jr., ran afoul of Senator McCarthy the Congressional House UnAmerican Committee, mostly on account of the strong advocation of Socialism rooted in the Buffington publishing empire. Public sentiment ran strongly against the Buffingtons, and their empire waned. By 1980, all but a fraction of Buffington Holding International had been lost or bought-out by unprincipled corporate raiders, intent on dismantling the businesses for parts, exporting jobs to third-world countries, and stripping workers of their security. This was the reality of Capitalism.

James IV was born in 1980, and was raised in the relative isolation of Boston Society with strong Socialist ideals - even with dwindling fortunes, the Buffingtons were still of blue blood, and therefore accepted. James' younger sister Rose was born in 1982 - with literally blue blood. The little girl was light blue from head to toe! This, along with a body tempurature of 30 degrees farenheit, marked her as a mutant.

In 1998, with heavy funding from the Southern Baptist Convention, the U.S. Republican Party, and a then-unknown shadowy group known as the Fifth Column, the New John Birch Society began its rise, protesting immigrants, liberals, socialists, feminists, homosexuals and mutants. Rose Buffington's name was published in a list of "known mutants" in one of the NJBS's newsletters. Within a week, she was dead, shot by an unknown sniper while at her Debutante Ball.

James, who had just finished college, had found that he, too, was a mutant. Things around him tended to freeze, and his own body temperature had sropped to near-freezing levels. His parents, fearing the worst, turned to the CCCP to both protect and train their son to use his abilities in the name of the people. Taking his name from the stroke that had reversed his family's fortunes, Blacklist was born!

Comments: Blacklist has recently invented a method of travelling quickly - he coats the soles of his feet and the ground under (and around) his feet with a very thin layer of wet ice. By altering the angle of the ice under his feet, he is able to travel at a very high rate of speed, literally "sliding downhill" all the way to his destination. He calls this "Street Skating"