Relics. (Mature)

The continuing struggles of Yuri Ganovich to find meaning in this strange and changed world.

Yuri Ganovich

Group: CCCP

Server: Protector

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 41

Online Name: Yuri Ganovich

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Invulnerability / Superhuman Strength

Battle Cry: ((Yuri doesn't currently use a battlecry))

Movement: Flight

Favored Attack: Hit them until they dont get up anymore

Favored Defense: Grin and bare it

Hated Nemesis: Gotterdommerung, the Council

Name: Yuri Ganovich
Origin: Native Russian
DOB: Unknown, presumed mid to late 1800's
Age: Unknown, at least over 100 years
Height: 6'
Weight: 182lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

The name Yuri Ganovich was once a synonym for superhuman power and the height of fortitude. During the first World War, he was coined the "Champion of the People", and hailed as a savior,
a kindly and benign figure whose sole concern and interest was the welfare of the average man.For decades, he strove to be the man, and the hero, that his people needed him to be. Existing outside of the internacine and often self destructive politics of his time, Yuri
never lost sight of his driving goal: to protect and inspire the common people of his great Motherland. While his detractors often pointed to this as proof that he was an uncontrollable loose cannon, Yuri himself simply ignored their diatribes and continued his work, with or without the sanction of the government. For a time, he truly was the champion of his people, and it was good.

During the Second World War, Yuri came into conflict with the Nazi's answer to the metahuman threat. Gotterdommerung very nearly killed him, and without the timely intervention of the American Superman, Vela Prime, would have. Together, the two managed to defeat the Nazi, and returned to their own corners of the world.
It was after World War II that things began to seriously change. Attitudes on both sides of the ocean were distrustful, menacing, and ill will was everywhere. Throughout this "Cold War", Yuri found himself at odds with his allies and friends from the previous wars, and the voices of his people had become a confused babble. Several times, he sought to do what they had asked of him, only to be villianized by the same people who's
will he sought to do. Though unsteady in his role, Yuri perservered, hoping that this strange time would pass. In time, it did, though not how he could have ever have imagined it would.

In 1990, the end came.

So much had gone wrong in so many places that Yuri found himself lost, adrift. The faces that he had always looked to for guidance, the faces of his people, were twisted and furious. He tried valiantly to establish some sense of order, some sense of peace, but the people rejected him,
stating that he was a relic of a bygone age, and that the Motherland was done with him. Crushed, Yuri left the Motherland's borders for the first time in a century. Aimless, he traveled the world, seeking something, anything to give meaning to his now purposeless existance. It was during these travels that he happend to cross paths again with Vela Prime.
Vela had found himself in a similar situation, unable to spare his own people the horrors of the terrorist threat, they had rejected him, saying that he, too, was an artifact of a long ago time, and could be no real help to anyone. Together, they took up their own strange journies, wandering the continents and doing what small good they could.

Then came the Call to Heroes.

Though they had both of them known the Statesman throughout the years, Yuri had never had many dealings with the Hero. But the coming threat called to the core of his soul, and Yuri went to answer it. Together, he and Vela cut a swathe through the Rikti, knowing in their hearts that this would likely be their last battle.

Against all odds, they survived, and time marched on.

Now, many months later, Yuri has found this Paragon City to be a place that may have need of him after all, and seeks companions of a like mind, willing to take up his old mantle and fight with him side by side, as Champions of the People once more.

Comments: I left out specifics on times and places, as well as many events, hoping that we could fill alot of it in together, through RP. Hope this works. :)