Alitsa Ganovich

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 1

Online Name: Dremmont Reign

Country of Origin: Hybrid Star Projekt, Russia

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Combat Reflexes / Invulnerability

Battle Cry:

Movement: None

Favored Attack: Knock them dowm, Comrade.

Favored Defense: Grin and bare it.

Hated Nemesis: None. Possibly same as her father.

Alitsa Ganovich is one of the many, many offspring created by the Hybrid Star Projekt that reached it's height in the early to mid Seventies. While most of the "agents" created by this program were disasterous monstrosities, threre were occasional successes. Alitsa is one of these.
Named Alitsa 8-16, for that was her "birthday", the girl was a successful combination of the incredible damage resistance of Yuri Ganovich, and the deadly reflexes and energy channeling of the aging championess Advent Red.
Trained from childhood to be trusting, obedient, and utterly loyal to the State, Alitsa lived a simple, if surreal life of training, devotion, destruction, and duty. The State, the Mission, and the Will of the People were her existance. When the Liberator invaded Russia after discovering that his own genetic material had been added to the Projekt, Alitsa leapt to the defense of the only home she had ever known. She nearly died for it as well. The Liberator, nearly 7 tons of metal and rage, tore through her as yet fetal powers like a rag doll. he then proceeded to utterly demolish the Projekt Center and incinerated all the Source Material he could find on himself, and the other metahumans. Since the Projekt was so classified it did not legally exist, no real retribution was leveled against him. The Projekt was destroyed, the surviving metahumans associated with it escaped or were terminated, and life moved on.
But for Alitsa, it didn't really.
The Projekt had been her home. Her life, her mission, the reason for her very existance. Without it, she was aimless, hopeless and devastated. For nearly a decade, she walked across the Steppes and south into the lower provinces, doing what little she could to help, struggling to underestand life outside of the Compound. She moved often, traveling wherever whim took her, making some friends, but no real attatchments along the way. Steadily, she found herself heading north once more. Trading hard labor for room, board, and bread, Alitsa settled into a simple life out on the northern plains.
The years ticked by slowly, but she didnt really notice
Then, when she had all but abandoned the search for meaning or fullfullment, came the Rikti Invasion, and the Call to Heroes.
Fragile hope rekindled in her heart, Alitsa went into the West, her mind filled with images and hopes and dreams she had long ago laid to rest. What she found, however, was more then she had ever bargained for.
Arriving in time to watch the great heroes tear at the Mothership the Rikti had based over Paragon City, only one figure shone in her mind. Her father, the man whose flesh they had made her out of. Yuri Ganovich. Dimly she remembered hearing he was gone from the Motherland, though not why, or how long ago, and it only made sense that she would find him here, in this City that had need of such heroes, but it struck her like a revelation nonetheless.
After the Rikti War, during which Alitsa tried to do as much as she could, but, at last, discovering that she was only one of many, many augmented metahumans in this City, she attempted to contact him.
They met, briefly, and she was impressed by nothing save how uncomfortable he was around her, as though he expected her to sprout additional heads or arms or something. It did not go well. It was obvious, at least to Alitsa, that he regarded her as some sort of unnatural monster, an abomination grown somehwere in a lab, and little else. Much of this changed, when ever optimistic, she had invited him to a small supper and read for him some of the poetry she prolifically wrote. The sight of him holding back tears because of verses the SHE had written was almost too much to bare, and would stay with her forever.
Though they are rather cordial, and a bit wary about one another, Alitsa tries still to find a way into her "father"'s kindness. To that end, she is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with, bringing swift, and uncompromising justice to the rogues of Galaxy City. To honor him, she has taken Yuri's surname for her own. Although he did not object, he did not seem as enthused as she had hoped. Now, her every waking effort is spent trying to make him see her as a daughter, and not some monster grown in a lab....

Comments: Alitsa will be an on and off RP character. So green it makes by teeth itch, she'll be fun to educate to the realities of life in Paragon City.