The Enemy Within.

Komrad Vex learns some disturbing facts about his past.

My Brother's Keeper

A long forgotten part of the past comes back with a vengeance.

Komrad Vex

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Komrad Vex

Country of Origin: Canada

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Martial Arts / Regeneration

Battle Cry: For the glory of the people!

Movement: Accelerated leaping

Favored Attack: Laser Goggles

Favored Defense: Fast Healing

Hated Nemesis: The putrid Devouring Earth

Peter Vexton was a highly trained C.S.I.S agent deployed in the late 1970's to infiltrate the Soviet Iron curtain in Eastern Europe. In every respect, Vexton appeared to be a brilliant, well spoken, loyal but socially awkward accountant with the C.I.D.A posted in Zàhony, Hungary on the Ukrainian border. Unfortunately, Peter was discovered by the Allami Vedelmi Batosag (Hungarian Secret Police) and turned over to the Soviet G.R.U.

Seeing a perfect opportunity to convert a western agent, the G.R.U. began a lengthy education and training process. This was also a golden opportunity to test some of the latest Soviet bioresearch developed to produce a perfect Soviet soldier. In a series of extremely painful medical procedures Peter Vexton was injected with highly concentrated doses of human growth hormone and the D.N.A of various other animals in an effort to infuse him with their special physical properties.

The second phase of the training was extensive indoctrination in the virtues and superiority of communist ideals. The desired result was not only to have an implanted agent in North America, but for him to also be a beacon of Communist perfection, a glowing example of what the combined will of the people can produce. The physical augmentation was the easy part, what Peter’s captors had not anticipated was his incredible will to resist their indoctrination. As a result, his conversion into Komrad Vex took much longer than anticipated and he was not redeployed in North America until 1988.

Although, by this time the political situation in Soviet Russia had become unstable resulting in the withdrawal of Government funding from the Komrad Vex project. With the cessation of hostilities between east and west, Komrad Vex was left without direction in the hostile capitalist world. Shunned by the majority of the populous due to his fierce promotion of communist ideals he eventually found a safe haven living with the nomadic people of northern Canada who displayed strong communal tendencies. For the next ten years Vex lived and thrived with these amicable people until the Rikti invaded earth. Seeing an opportunity to prove his worth to the oppressed masses, Komrad Vex immediately set out to the front lines of the invasion. Convinced this would be the perfect chance to prove once and for all that the combined force of the people coupled with Marx’s teachings could overcome the greatest adversity.