General Kremlin

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 7

Online Name:

Country of Origin: Stalingrd, U.S.S.R

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Stone Armor / Stone Melee

Battle Cry: In name of Father Stalin, I show you iron might!


Favored Attack: Stone Fist

Favored Defense: Mud Pots

Hated Nemesis:

Born and raised in Russia in the early 1910's, Dmitri Puskin became involved in, the then forming, Red Army. He felt that the Czar was not providing enough for his people. Serving as a soldier in many battles, and proving his worth to the cause, he was given a place of slight honor amongst the Central Committe of the Communist Party. He was a member for quite some time.

When the chance came to help his county even more, he eagarly agreed. Stalin had decided to create a breed of "super" heroes to help protect their fair country from..."evil" capitolists. Pushkin was one of the firsts to get his "super" powers. He took on the name General Kremlin.

He was given a belt, one that changed the composition of his body into stone when activated. It also sometimes allowed him to increase his strength levels. Using it to his advantage, he becan to fight crime that plagued Mother Russia.

With the fall of Stalin, and Kruschev's stepping up, General Kremlin's super program was disbanded in form of better, newer, REAL superheroes. General Kremlin kept his belt and went into hiding, until recently where he appeared in Paragon City. Rumor has that someone finally talked him into trying to become a REAL hero again.

Though now, much older, he has begun to re-learn to use his powers. It seems, that somehow, the belt's transformative powers have only let his body age half that of a normal person. He still appears to be in his late 50's. His still seems to be in peak form as well.