Red Crosse

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 31

Online Name: @Red Crosse

Country of Origin: Unknown

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Empathy / N/A

Battle Cry: Gather close for nano-heal!!

Movement: Super Jump

Favored Attack: N/A

Favored Defense: Healing Aura

Hated Nemesis: Black Crosse

Red Crosse is a AI lifeform based on the memories of Dr. Talia's daughter who was killed fourty-four years ago in a car crash outside of her hometown. A high ranking member of the Party was able to get the permissions needed for Dr. Talia to conduct a daring test of man's understanding of technology and to push the limits of an AI's memory matrix to get his daughter back after he finished the Party's AI based combat trooper. Using a Party mental controller Dr. Talia was able to graft, the majority of, his dead daughter's memories into a beta-test memory matrix for storage as he worked on finishing his contracted work. His future goal was to then spend time converting one of his combat cyborg suits into a free standing AI driven life form on which to host his daughter's memories. Many failures and re-inventions of critical aspects of the AI project kept the aging Dr. Talia's from being able to complete his contracted work on time. The stress of losing his daughter and his wife mental issues due to the loss weigh heavy on the doctor, which in time started to take a toll on his health. Fearing that he would die before he was able to finish his work Dr. Talia decided to refocus his energy, behind the Party's back, on creating a platform by which to have his daughter back now rather then later.

Since the doctor's daughter had been in her fourth year of medical school, the majority of her memories and personality traits that were un-corrupted were based on medical topics. ER time, Internships, Rounds, and Party lore were found rather then her favorite color or foods she prefered. While he had hoped to be able to recreate his "little girl" he quickly found that there wasn't enough of her left to create a sane recreation of her. So, he decided to use his daughter's memories as the model for creating a super doctor to carry on her daughter's dreams.

While he had not planned for it, as Dr Talia's health failed he started to accept the fact that only his "project" would be able to provide him with enough to time to bring the project to a close. The doctor took comfort in his "project" spending time checking his vitals, assigning a bed time and offering a bed side manner while he worked on its balance and health scanner systems.

Dr. Talia was not shocked the day he finished his project's scanners and cancer was found inside his body. He also was not shocked that the project requested a name since it felt like it was a she and not a thing. It confessed to the ill doctor that while it knew it was not a true lifeform (scanning herself only showed hardware) she had feelings (too a limited degree) and was very confused on how she could recall events she did not live. The doctor, reduced her AI's access to grafted memories so he could finish working on her hardware before the big sleep befell him. One could say he did it also to dodge answering the question all creators hate: Why did you make me?

It was roughly 19 hours past the point the doctor died while attempting secure a writ for backup hardware when the Party agent was on location. Dr. Talia has always had a certain freedom to act as he wished, however he had missed deadlines, meetings and failed to return calls to such a degree that action needed to be taken. The agent was not sad to see that Dr. Talia had passed; for the agent was instructed to have Talia return to task or to be terminated before his black budget project to be mothballed. Needless to say the agent was shocked when he saw a lady dressed as a nurse sitting on a chair motionless....he at first thought she was a nurse and he slightly chewed her out for failing to report the death.

It quickly became a reality that this "lady" was no lady for she had no body warmth, failed to move to stim and was heavier then the backup agents could move. As Party members came over the next few days each would report to their higher ups...until the info reached the Grand Party Members. While upset that doctor had failed to create their troopers they were impressed by the research staff findings that this "lady" was truely an AI Carbon Repair Unit...

She was given the name Red Crosse...due to her healing skills. As other aspects of her nature were found the name became more fitting she was able to, as her power levels evened out, provide a number of medical solutions to field agents and troops alike. It was reported one day that high level researchers had found not only a way to activate Red Crosse, but that she had a memory matrix that was beyond the normal skill storage units they had seen before....and further more they were able to tell that the AI if turned on would not have access to these memories. The Party's stance turned from getting the unit ready for field trials to finding out what was on the memory matrix.

A month later in a room with select Party Members the first complete restart of Red Crosse was preformed. She was brought up to speed and given full access to her memory matrix. After a few moments of utter confusion Red Crosse was able to bring herself under control and ask about Dr. agent's report later would state he felt the AI was crying at the news he was dead but lacked the organs and voice tracks to have crying be a reality.

Her base design was a combat model, but as the party tested her it was found her real strength lies in the nano-based repair systems she had. Red Crosse has been slightly retooled and some of her "powers" refocused to make her the perfect healer. She has been allowed access to Party records and been allowed to make a few friends to covertly test her interactions was found while not human her core memories have allowed her to adapt to her new course in life. many of the Party members are worried that while Dr. Talia was a hardliner from the cold war era, that his daughter might not share such ideals, upon review of her logs it was found that while she appears to be "modern" in conversation and dress she has the heart of a true hardliner. This hardline stance is held to such a degree that former KGB agents would have a hard time proving (outside speech and dress) that she isn't completely behind the causes of Mother Russia.

It was three days ago Red Crosse was escorted to a personal train car to be sent to a CCCP training center for her application trials. After passing the board exams and finishing her covert social enducation into the real goals of the hidden aspects of the Party she was given a few days to close her affairs (mostly store her cold war era texts and her fathers personal items from his now dusty lab) She has the fear for a pre-set future that only an AI can have and the excitement on reaching her families' goals that only a father can give a daughter.

Comments: ((Full AI designed to be a custom health solution to CCCP and sister groups.