The march of time.

How did Uncle Joe come to be? We delve deep into his past and look into the actions that brought about his creation.

Uncle Joe.

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 23

Online Name: Uncle Joe.

Country of Origin: U.S.S.R.

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Invulnerability / Super Strength

Battle Cry: Hell is cold and invites you all

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Hearding foolish criminal running dog element to .

Favored Defense: Hearding foolish criminal running dog element to .

Hated Nemesis: Facist council.

From the office of Military Affairs for the Russian Federation.

To Natala Shostakovich::Red Savior II and command staff of C.C.C.P.

Regarding: Transfer of state material.

Hello Mrs. Shostakovich we in the department of defense in accordance to the Grayson-Totankoff agreement have activated the (S.P.B.) code named Uncle Joe.

As you may or may not know this person is the result of the old regime's scientific experiments with human cloning, now band under presidential edict, we at the department have little in the way of information on the project that created the person in question.

What follows is the only real report on the matter, as you can see it is a captured C.I.A. report and if we are to trust the Americans intelligence than this is all the info you need on the matter.

As always your work in the United States is appreciated by the government of the Russian Federation and it's citizens.

General Andre Costosovic.
Head of Military Research and Development.

K.G.B. File 93763-C-453-BLACK-66325-9900 2/4/74

This file was obtained by agent Casterling in the offices of the Central Intelligence Agency. Casterly's cover is still secure and at this time I am recommending that we keep Casterling in place.

Document 10-A-77. Big Foot. 5/21/1956

Jack I'm sending you this memo on some project the Red's have been working on since the war. Something apparently code named "Lenin's Glory" bunch of pinko jibber jabber if you ask me.

Anyway from what we've gathered this project was started some time in late 41 or early 42 were not really sure, but it looks like they were planing on "making" a bunch of supers. Yes Jack I'm serious, they were planning on making supers from scratch. Looks like the Intel we were getting from (Item censored.)was true, I wouldn't worry about the old man getting angry though, looks like all Ivan could make was one guy, funny thing is it kind of looks like Stalin.

The intel from Big Foot states that they made a clone of the old S.o.b. and that apparently it's indestructible, the last report we got says they had it activated and were testing to see what it could take, looks like they were even hitting the guy with tank ammo, and heavy stuff at that, here's the part where we start to worry.

If the egg heads in r&d are to be trusted, there predicting that it might take nuclear armament to stop this guy, or something the creepy crawlers at Paranormal might be able to come up with. There's talk around Los Alamos about making something called Depleted Uranium, what ever the hell that is, some kind of heavy or dense metal, I don't know. Every time they talk I get a headache.

Big Foot also reports that the top stair in red Square is looking to mothball the project, guess Ivan doesn't like Stalin either, that's all there is on this one. My recommendation is to keep an eye on it but I'd say we have more to worry about there missile program.

See you at golf this Thursday.

From the office of Colonel Dan Smith. Regional Director.

The report that Casterling has found concerns us, we have no records of any enemy agents working in our land at that time. All records of a Project "Lenin's Glory" Were purged by order of Premier Khrushchev and we have no record of any "Clone" being created.
We believe this to be a false document, created for misinformation.

Major General Pavel Nevitich K.G.B. Central Branch.

The situation for the Soviet Union in 1940 was grim, it's community of super powered beings was war in Finland and Stalin's random purges. Than came the German invasion, the Union came close to being destroyed and would have if not for a herculean effort by it's citizens. After the initial stages of the invasion it was decided that the only way to counter the threat of the Axis super teams was to increase there own supers ranks, but there were few left in the motherland, so a secret program was launched, code named "Lenin's Glory" The plan was simple in thought, create super's in a controlled environment, building them if you will from the ground up.

Using the D.N.A. of Stalin himself a hero was created, and as a way to insult the west with this achievement and honor the Iron Premier the program heads named it after Churchill's nickname for Marshal Stalin, Uncle Joe.
Yet when the project was finely completed the war was over and Stalin himself was dead. The new regime found it's self with a problem, Joe was an undeniable triumph of Soviet science, however the memories of Stalin's brutal ruthlessness were still fresh in minds across the Union, and the new conflict with the West made Joe something of a dinosaur, so it was decided to put the "hero" in stasis until such time as he would be "needed".

And so Joe lay forgotten in storage, a relic of a time many wanted to forget, until the Rikiti war spurred the need for hero's from around the world, answering the Statesman's call to action the Russian Federation activated the clone and sent Uncle Joe to America.