Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 34

Online Name: Svarog

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Technology

Archetype: Defender

Powers: Radiation / Radiation

Battle Cry:

Movement: Teleportation

Favored Attack: X ray beams

Favored Defense: Accelerated Metabolism

Hated Nemesis:

Designed at the height of Soviet military might, the Svarog suit (named after the Slavic god of gods) was to see immediate action in Afghanistan against the rebels of the area.

Outside forces had continued to supply the rebels with money and firepower which began to take it's toll on Mother Russia. This was to be their answer. Originally designed as a front line unit, Svarog was to assist the current ground forces and act as an emergency medivac for the wounded.

Due to budget cuts however this was not the case and Svarog was used in an increasingly straightforward manner. Certain that the end was nearing, the onsite commander gave an order to the Svarog pilot to engage the rebels head on while the others were pulling out. And Svarog did just that.

Left to his own defenses, Svarog began bathing the LZ with high levels of radiation. If it moved it was shot or fried to a crisp. Wave after wave of rebels came from the hills towards the near abandoned Russian camp. Knowing full well that they could not reach Svarog conventionally they began to pound the area at range with RPGs and mortar fire.

Low on energy and wounded from the continuous assault, Svarog finally succumbed. However an emergency circuit was tripped causing Svarog and the pilot to teleport back to the lab it originated from. And there Svarog lay until the modern era.

It wasn't until a young Russian soldier discovered the body and suit laying in the mothballed lab that Svarog was once again reborn.

Comments: Recent events have lead Svarog to believe that the suit was never designed by Russian scientists but by some mystical means. Svarog now has full use of his powers outside of the suit and is more powerful with out it.

He is currently looking into having the suit's origins investigated. Could it be that the Slavic gods themselves designed this suit?