Omega Stryke

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 8

Online Name: @khold

Country of Origin: United States

Origin of Powers: Kheldian

Archetype: Warshade

Powers: Umbral Blast / Umbral Aura

Battle Cry: none, am still experimenting

Movement: Teleport and flight

Favored Attack: Dark Nova

Favored Defense: Gravity shield

Hated Nemesis: Capitalists and voids

Nataliya Chernyenko was dying. Just not fast enough to get it over with. She was a 67 year old veteran of the KGB with cancer. It seemed fitting somehow. The revolution to which she had given her life, and the Soviet empire which was to fulfill it, had all wasted away. Why shouldn't she? But she was a fighter, our Nataliya. And so when a savage Nictus attempted to sieze her as it's host, she fought. Her body might be frail and sick but her will was like steel and to his utter shock, for the first time in his existence, the Nictus Z'uuurrll,(approximation of a Kheldian name,) was repulsed. So astounded by this was he that his own unshielded mind came into contact with this human woman's and in the blink of an eye he experienced the entirety of Nataliya's life through her own perceptions. It was too much sensory overload and his mind reeling, he fled. Nataliya for her part collapsed on her bed. Her own mind swimming with bizarre alien imagery.

For hours the Nictus contemplated. Then, with some trepidation, he returned. He hovered over the semi concious woman for long moments. Then, decision reached, he surged forward in a flow of energy. Nataliya awoke with a start and screamed as her body seemed to burn with searing, dark fire! Waves of agony washed over her and moments seemed to last for hours but through it all she heard in her mind the calm voice of the Nictus and she felt the cancer burning away and the weight of years with it. Nataliya was reborn. Her youth, her streangth and the beauty that had led more than one lonely western diplomat to say more than he should have over vodka and caviar were restored to her. And within her she felt the awsome power of the Nictus.

What transpired between the two is unclear, for niether will speak of it. Suffice it to say, an accord was reached. The warshade; Omega Stryke was born.

In these tumultuous days in the Mother land, when all is in flux and one is hardly sure if the New Russia has any idea where it is headed, many Russians look to thier heros for inspiration as so much else they have put faith in over the years has collapsed. Formost among these heros are the famous members of the CCCP; proudly waging war against dark forces in the very heart of the Capitalist west. Eagerly, Russians devour news reports of the exploits of these proletariet champions in the exotic environs of Paragon city. Ground zero of the Rikti War! And so Nataliya has come to Paragon city to become one of these heros and become the inspiration to a new generation of Russians whose only hope, she is certain, is to recapture the spirit and the dream of the revolution.

And Z'uuurrll? The Nictus is still there....his drives, his ambitions.... what does he gain from this? Z'uuurrll keeps his own council...only time will tell.

Comments: I hope that was not too amateurishly written. lol.
Anyway, Omega Stryke is a warshade with split personality. Two characters in one toon. Nataliya is the personality you encounter in human form, Z'uuurrll in dark nova, ( and eventually dwarf.) Nataliya is right out of the old marvel commie villians with her " running dogs of capitalism" and her "tools of reaction", etc. I see her along the lines of the old Black Widow. I have been deliberately a bit vague on Z'uuurrll. I have put together my concept of him, where he believes the Nictus have gone wrong and set themselves up for destruction, what he sees now for his future and his mission. But it is really something I would like to lay out in pieces over a period of time through roleplaying.