Soviet Swordsman

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 11

Online Name: Soviet Swordsman

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Broadsword / Regeneration

Battle Cry: Taste soviet steel, dog!

Movement: Leaping

Favored Attack: Parry

Favored Defense: Integration

Hated Nemesis: The Council

Vladamir Ivanovich was raised a ward of the City of Moscow Baby Orphanage #15 until the age of 9, when he was sent to train at the Spartacus Fencing School of Olympic Reserve in St. Petersburg. By the age of 11 he was refered to as "A prodigy with the blade". At the age of 17 he traveled to the "96 Olympic games and took home a gold medal in both men's saber and epee. After returning to Russia victorious Vlad was enlisted in the Soviet Armie's diplomatic core as an officer, mainly attending diplomatic functions and continuing his training. In 2000, while representing his people in the Olympic Games once again, his world came crashing down. The newspapers claimed it was an equipment handling error, but however it happened, somehow a real blade wound up in the hands of Vlad's opponent. As he scored the winning blow, Vladamir was run through, to the horror of the watching world. Moments after falling from his wound though, he got back up with a look of confusion and no sign of injury. Shouts of outrage erupted from the spectators as they accused Vlad of being a mutant and a cheat. Despite the fact that Vlad and his team of sports physicians had no idea that he was a mutant and that it had no bearing on his ability with the blade, the Olympic Judiciary Commitee stripped him of his victory as well as removing all his records and past medals.

After returning home in shame he recieved a transfer to a remote Siberian outpost to serve his last year in the military. Upon his discharge he was met at the gates of the outpost by a Russian Orthodox priest who introduced himself as Father Rasputin. The priest asked if he would like some company on the long walk to the military train station. Vlad accepted the invitation and the two walked and chatted for the next few hours. Eventually Father Rasputin came to the reason for their meeting. He wished to challenge Vlad to a duel. If he won then Vlad would have to train under him for the next three years, but if Vlad won then he would tell him the name of the person who was responsible for switching his opponent's sword that fateful day. Vlad accepted the challenge thinking an easy victory. They fought for hours out in the Siberian wasteland and Vlad quickly realized that in addition to being his match with the blade, Father Rasputin was also a mutant like him, healing any slashes as soon as they appeared. Eventually Father Rasputin erupted in a blur of steel ending the duel precisely as the sun began to set. Wiping his brow with his sleeve he said, "Get up boy, if we leave now we should just make the last train." Looking bewildered Vlad dusted himself off and wiped blood from his eyes. Being a man of his word he arose and followed the old priest. Thus began the hardest three years of Vladamir Ivanovich's life.

Because neither of them had to worry about permanently injuring one another their training sessions were like no other. Vlad fought up to 20 fresh battles a day every day, losing every time. Until one day Vlad walked from the training circle the victor. Father Rasputin got up, looked him in the eye and said, "Good, now the real work can begin". Vlad continued honing his abilities as well as learning the inner mysteries of Father Rasputin's Order.

When it was time for Vlad to leave, Father Rasputin presented him with a neatly wrapped bundle which contained the costume he wears to this day. "I can't wear this! I'll look like a walking flag, Father".
"That is precisely what you must become, Boy", Father Rasputin replied.
"The people are loosing their national pride in these times of political upheavel and the wolves are circling our borders. Go forth with this blade I give to you and defend them, as well as the men of all nations because the Creator loves all equally."
"Does it have any powers, Old Man?" Vlad asked as he examined the blade, smiling amusedly.
Frowning, Father Rasputin growled, "Of course not dumkoff, it is just a blade. All the power you need I have given to you. Now get out of my sight before I find some other fool and have to start all over again."

They both waited for the other to be out of their sight before letting the tears come. For the next two years Vlad, now known as the Soviet Swordsman travelled throughout the former Soviet Republic fighting crime and reclaiming the love of his people. Until one day, after returning home after another flawless victory he came to a decision. He would travel to the city called Paragon for he had heard that it was overflowing with super powered villains. Enough to pose a true challenge for this born competitor. In preparation for his journey he blunted the edge on one side of his blade, for he would walk the land as Miyamoto Musashi once had. Fighting his opponents at a disadvantage and focusing on his technique.