Soviet Swordsman

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 19

Online Name: Soviet Swordsman

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Mutant

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Broadsword / Regeneration

Battle Cry: Taste soviet steel, dog!

Movement: Leaping

Favored Attack: Parry

Favored Defense: Revive

Hated Nemesis: The Council

Vladamir Ivanovich was a ward of the City of Moscow Baby Orphanage #15 until the age of nine. Afterwards he was sent to train at the prestigeous Central Sports Army Club (CSAC) under the tutelage of Maestro Anzor Gagulashvili. He went on to become the Russian National Champion and represented the Motherland in the '96 Olympic games, winning the men's individual gold medal in epee, as well as a gold in the men's pentathlon. Upon returning home a national hero he became an officer in the Russian Army as part of their diplomatic core, mainly attending government functions.

In 2000 at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Vlad returned as Russia's greatest hope. Unfortunately, due to what newspapers claimed was a tragic equipment blunder, he left in shame. Somehow his opponent was given a real blade, and in the process of Vlad scoring the winning point, he was run through the heart. After a quick examination the sports physicians could find no pulse. As the crowd cried out in shock and horror, they did everything in their power to save him but they knew it was futile. To the shock of the world, Vlad got up after a few minutes with no signs of injury. After a minute of silence the crowd cried out again, this time in anger instead of shock. The words mutant and cheat could be heard as Vlad was carried off the floor. The International Olympic Commitee after quick deliberation ruled that Vlad be stripped of his victory and that despite the fact that according to his team of physicians, Vlad had shown no signs of mutant ability in the '96 Games, all past records were expunged as well.

After Vlad returned home the government decided that he should spend his last year of military service in a less public role and transfered him to a remote outpost in Siberia. Upon his discharge he was met at the outpost's gate by a Russian Orthodox priest who introduced himself as Father Rasputin. The priest offered to accompany him on the long walk to the train depot and Vlad accepted the invitation. They walked and chatted for over an hour until Father Rasputin came to the point of their meeting, he wished to challenge Vlad to a duel. If Vlad lost he would have to train under the father for three years, but if he won he would find out the identity of the person who switched his opponent's blade that fatefull day. Vlad accepted the chalenge, thinking an easy victory. They fought for hours out in the Siberian tundra ,after a certain point Vlad discovered that Father Rasputin was not only his match with the sword but that he also had the gift of regeneration as well. As the sun began to set the priest shot forward in a flurry of motion and the next moment Vlad was on the ground with a sword to his throat. "Hurry, if we leave now we can catch the last train before it departs" said Father Rasputin. In shock, Vlad wiped blood from his eyes and dusted himself off. Being a man of his word Vlad went off to study under Father Rasputin in a remote mountain retreat.

The next three years were the most grueling yet rewarding years of Vladamir Ivanovich's life. Due to the fact that neither of them had to worry about permanently injuring the other they could push each other to the limit. Vlad grew in skill until one day he left the training circle in victory. Dusting himself off Father Rasputin siad, "Good, now the real training can begin." From that point forward in addition to swordsmanship Vlad trained in the mysteries of the Father's spiritual Order. At the end of the three years Vlad was presented with a neatly wrapped bundle. Inside were a sword and costume. "I can't wear this, I will look like a walking flag!" stated Vlad. "That is precisely what you must become, the people are disillusioned since the fall of the Republic and wolves circle our borders", said Father Rasputin."Go forth with this sword and give your people hope. Defend them and all of mankind, for the Creator loves all equally."
Vlad examined the sword and smiling, asked, "Does the sword have any powers, Old Man?" The Father replied, " Dumkoff, all the power you need is inside of you, now get out of my sight before I go and find some other fool to replace you." They both waited until the other was gone before they shed any tears.

For the next two years Vlad travelled throughout the former Soviet Union under the mantle of the Soviet Swordsman, fighting crime and injustice. Until one day Vlad, being the natural competitor that he is realized that there was no real challenge left for him were he was.So he packed his bags and travelled to the city called Paragon in search of new challenges.