WCO Report: Operation Black Lotus

Subject CHUG displaying abberant behavior. Details and analysis included.


Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 50

Online Name: Chug

Country of Origin: No affiliated nation

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: I tuff... / I strong...

Battle Cry: We smash dem!

Movement: bouncy like rubber ball...

Favored Attack: We smash dem!

Favored Defense: Dey try smash me!

Hated Nemesis: Bad peopulz...

World Communism Order Background Report #55831
Origins of Subject: "Chug"

Mansfield Power Archetype Classification: Tanker

Strauss-Hienz Power Classifications:
Main Ability: Invulnerability (Extreme)
Secondary Ability: Strength (High)
Travel Ability: Leaping (Moderate)

Synopsis of classified KGB report on origins of subject:

In former Yugoslavia, Peter Chugowskiv was a brilliant biochemist working on a revolutionary drink that was not only nutritious, but also a cost effective means for immunizing children of the world against several diseases. New Aryan Dawn Society (NADS) saw the potential for using this technology for their own evil plans. Breaking into his lab the minions of NADS demanded Peter give up his research notes. Fearing what evil they would do, he steadfastly refused. Infuriated NADS dumped him into a vat of industrial chemicals and set fire to the complex. Peter emerged later, changed, and ignorant of his past. Taking the only legible letters from a burned nameplate, what emerged from the burnt out shell of the complex was 'The Chug'.

Current Status:

Comrades, the subject has provided the Communist party with many years of excellent service. As Yugoslavia strove for independence and fractured into several homeland states, our operatives were successful in transferring him to Russia. Also, as the Soviet Union slowly disintegrated, WCO operatives again were successful in transferring the subject to another communist state, Cuba. There the subject has spent several years in productive service. The subject however has expressed desires to travel to America and use it's abilities to fight superpowered villains in Paragon city (again I stress the importance of satellite television corrupting the masses. I sincerely hope WCO considers my plan for destroying the communication satellites against several of our enemy states, 'Operation Space Katyusha").

The subject has a childlike mind and we have been able to maintain a strong control over it's dealings in the past. However, it has expressed tremendous resolve in leaving Cuba (Including an incident where it attempted to swim to Florida. Fortunately it was sidetracked for several days following a playful group of dolphins and returned). Despite what our brethren Cuban officials state, I feel they are unequipped to control the subject if it gets dissatisfied with it's current living conditions. In case of a 'tantrum' scenario, we project long term damage to Cuban infrastructure to be minimal, however there are no effective means to imprison the subject. We have made some progress in our Psionic Warfare Department that may be effective in stopping it, but this is only temporary and not effective for long term isolation. Unfortunately it seems cooperation is the only effective means to control the subject.

I suggest letting the subject travel to Paragon city and remain under the guidance of superhero organizations, CCCP and The Red Brigade. There it will be in the company of like minded political heroes which can guide it through any corrupting influences. As always, the subject will be under observation from our WCO operatives in the Paragon Division, and will intercede if necessary.

General Alexander Rokossovsky
WCO Superhero Defense Division Rho