Mikhail Romanenko

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 18

Online Name: Siberius

Country of Origin: Russia

Origin of Powers: Science

Archetype: Scrapper

Powers: Martial Arts / Quick Reflexes

Battle Cry: For the honor of Mother Russia!

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Crane Kick

Favored Defense: Practiced Brawler

Hated Nemesis: None yet.

Mikhail Romanenko hails from a parallel timeline in which the Cold War never ended, and the Soviet Union never collapsed. Instead, the USSR spread further, encapsulating countries as far out as Great Britain as satellite states. Mikhail was born in a colletive about 20 miles southwest of Stalingrad, and grew up being told how horrible and decadent the West was. Nothing Mikhail ever saw proved any differently as the US leaders spewed dangerous rhetoric that, several times, brought the Soviet Union and the United States and their allies to the brink of war.

When Mikhail became old enough, he enlisted in the military. Mikhail was a subpar soldier, at best during his training, and was on the verge of being relieved of duty when one Dr. Ivan Petrovich came forward, seeking a volunteer. It seemed that he had perfected a means for enhancing a human beings body and mind, and thus creating an truly effective soviet super soldier! Hundreds, thousands came forward. In the end, it was sheer luck that Dr. Petrovich chose Mikhail...or was it?

Through months of therapy and training, Mikhail quickly became one of the most dangerous soldiers the Soviets possesed. Later, it would be documented that Mikhail's strength and reflexes were operating at a constant 300% above an unaugmented human, and that his IQ had boosted to 155. His body healed quickly from wounds, and Mikhail didn't age like other people, all effects of the super soldier process. Aside from this, Mikhail underwent psychological programing, and possible memory manipulation. When he was finally ready, he was put into a GRU spetsnaz unit, and then later, quickly ended up heading his own unit until he was hospitalized for a short time after being caught in an explosion triggered by Spanish Government Loyalists in Spain as his unit was aiding in the governmental transition from capitalist government to communist government. The explosion claimed his right arm, but Dr. Petrovich was able to replace Mikail's right arm with a cybernetic replacement. Mikhail claims it has a badge of honor that he was able to give his right arm in the name of the motherland.

Mikhail became the leader of a second spetsnaz unit as Great Britain bent their knee, willingly, to the Soviet Union. Great Britains fall to communism terrified and angered the US to the point that they finally decided to strike out, threatening a nuclear strike if the Soviets didn't pull out of Britain. The Kremlin responded in kind, raising their forces to secondary alert. As US special forces began to operate covertly within Soviet territory, Dr. Petrovich made contact with them, extending to them an offer to defect from the Soviet Union.

Mikhail was in Dr. Petrovich's lab, undergoing routine tests in correlation with the super soldier project when Petrovich revealed to Mikhail his intentions of defecting to the United States, and offered to bring him along. Mikhail refused, but Petrovich continued to beseech him, claiming that he viewed the young man as a son after so much time they'd spent with one another. Mikhail continued to refuse, threatening to terminate the doctor in seven days if he had not managed to get out of the country by that time. As Mikhail went for the door to leave the laboratory, Delta Force operatives appeared, headed up by that time streams version of Corporal Matthew Jameson, aka Corporal Laser, who is also a Paragon City hero in this timeline. Intending to take both Petrovich and Mikhail back to the US, Petrovich told them of Mikhail's refusal, thus spurring the Delta Force operatives to decide that they were taking Mikhail prisoner. Mikhail fought valiantly against them, but they were highly skilled soldiers, and Mikhail was fatigued by the testing process. In the end, Mikhail took the only way out he could find....a portal that Dr. Petrovich has been working on. Unbeknownst to Mikhail...it only worked one way.

He found himself in a different timeline. In this one, the motherland was weak, not strong as he had known. Socialism was distrusted at best, if not outright hated by most of the world. For weeks, Mikhail wandered the streets of Moscow, marveling over the idea that so much could be so different. And then he saw it, on a news cast. A speech from a woman called Red Savior at the funerary services of comrades of hers. Comrades of a group in America called the CCCP. Intrigued, Mikhail sought out more information, and found them to be a superhero group based in Paragon City, fighting crime and sharing the values of socialism wherever they went.

It had been a month and a half since he had jumped to this timeline. The wars were over. This was his world, now, for better or for worse. He would go to Paragon City, and work among the capitalists, and seek out the CCCP. They might have value for his services.