Zima Kulak

Group: CCCP

Server: Pinnacle

Rank: Tovarich

Security Level: 24

Online Name: Zima Kulak

Country of Origin: Russia (Alternate Earth)

Origin of Powers: Natural

Archetype: Tanker

Powers: Ice Armor / Energy Melee

Battle Cry:

Movement: Super Speed

Favored Attack: Whirling Hands

Favored Defense: Chilling Embrace

Hated Nemesis:

Alexi Zaloga comes from the same reality of Mikhail Romaneko (aka Siberius). He is the son of Ivan Zaloga, a Spetsnaz NCO whom served under the command of Mikhail Romaneko (aka Siberius). An only child, who’s Mother was killed by a US air-raid, and Alexi came to live with his Father in the barracks. Alexi grew up watching his fathers unit go off on dangerous missions, and learned the importance serving his country to protect the workers and to contribute to the collective

During extended Cold War, Alexi was placed into a school in East Berlin to gain the best education available to him. In 1992, West Berlin fell to the Soviets. While both sides traded shots American commandos raided the small compound, in East Berlin, where Alexi was attending state school, and captured a number of students, along with Alexi. Siberius and his Spetsnaz unit were activated to get them back. This was a personal mission for the unit, as one of their own was affected by the potential loss of their family. This was the first public appearance by Siberius to the West, and they found out first hand to not wake the sleeping tiger, as they went on an unholy tear through American soldiers looking for the location of the captive boys. Alexi's father was critically wounded during the rescue mission, and he made Mikhail promise to take care of Alexi, whom was now an orphan.

Mikhail took this sworn duty to protect and raise Alexi. He decided that he would personally teach and train Alexi in how to defend himself so that he would never again become captive. Alexi turned out to be surprisingly resilient, but his heard had frozen over from the loss of his father. The only one who seemed to be able to chip through the ice was Mikhail, whom he had always admired.

When Alexi turned 16, he enlisted into the Soviet Army, and was assigned to Mikhail's unit. The training given him proved to be just what the young man needed and he excelled at his assignments.
Alexi accompanied Mikhail on his trips to visit Dr. Petrovich. He did this routinely, to "watch his back, because no one else was better capable to do so." He was outside on the fateful day when Mikhail was to leave their reality.

Knowing how long these tests usually took, when time began to stretch, Alexi began to get concerned. Using his training, Alexi noticed a black van that wasn't usually parked near the building. Deciding to investigate, Alexi took out his ever present throwing knife, and went to the side entrance, where he spotted the tell tale uniform of an American Delta Force Operative. Quickly dispatching the door guard with his knife, he crept inside only to watch Mikhail's battle with the Delta Force Unit. As he prepared to help his commander, and friend, he was spotted by two guards. Knowing that Mikhail would fall soon, he began to taunt the Americans, and performed a delaying action to allow for Mikhail's escape. He then slowly, inexorably battled the Delta Force Operatives unconscious.

Turning to Dr. Petrovich, placing his knife to his throat, he demands to know what has happened, and where did Mikhail go? As the doctors eyes turned to the portal device, three more operatives open fire on them, killing the doctor, and then began to run for the Portal. Knowing there is only one chance, Alexi threw his knife at the controlling apparatus, sending sparks and flames from it, causing it to explode. The resulting explosion blasted Alexi through the portal, forever closing the way back.
Upon waking up at the feet of an American Police officer, Alexi decided to play dumb, and performed the tasks set before him in order to gain access to Paragon City, all the while signaling with the Spetsnaz communicator for any assistance.